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'Arrow' November Sweeps Preview


Arrow” has arguably been the brightest star of The CW’s lineup so far this fall. News came out today that with Live+7 DVR ratings, more than 5 million people watched the pilot. That’s pretty impressive. So what does the show have in store for November sweeps?

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, “An Innocent Man” will find Oliver (Stephen Amell) still trying to figure out how to get back into Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) good graces. A late-night bonding session with Thea (Willa Holland) gives him the inspiration that he needs. As Oliver looks into a suspicious murder case, he realizes an innocent man, Peter Declan (guest star Lane Edwards), was framed by one of the targets on his list.

If for some reason you miss the episode this week, The CW will air it again on Tuesday, Nov. 6, which is Election Day. The episode will be paired with the second airing of the pilot of “Emily Owens, M.D.,” another show that you should absolutely be watching (We’re talking about Justin Hartley and Stephen Amell on the same night. Just think about that for a moment…)

Then, on Wednesday, Nov. 7, “Damaged” finds Oliver being arrested for murder by Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Oliver insists that Laurel be the one to represent him, which puts her at odds with her father. This episode will also bring another DC Comics’ villain into the fold as Oliver’s island flashbacks reveal his encounter with Deathstroke (guest star Jeffrey Robinson).

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, “Legacies” will bring more DC Comics’ characters into the mix, this time in the form of the Royal Flush Gang. The bank robbers threaten Starling City and Oliver is forced to confront the scope of his mission and decide whether to stray from his father’s list. Diggle (John Ramsay) pushes Oliver to look past the list and start helping those who really need him.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peek at “An Innocent Man.”

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on The CW.

PHOTOS: ©2012 The CW Network

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