USA sets returns dates for 'Suits', 'White Collar' and 'Necessary Roughness'

It’s time to start counting down the days until Neal Caffrey and Harvey Specter return to my our lives this January. USA Network had a Halloween treat for us today and announced the official winter return dates for “White Collar,” “Suits” and “Necessary Roughness.”

First up, “Suits” will return on Thursday, Jan. 17. When we last left Harvey, Mike and the rest of Pearson and Hardman, the gang was celebrating Jessica’s victory over Daniel, but Mike was suffering the devastating loss of his grandmother. Will he be able to recover?

White Collar” returns on Tuesday, Jan. 22. In the last moment of the finale, Neal figured out what most of the audience knew since Sam first darkened his doorstep: he’s Neal’s long lost father. But is he really a murderer?

Finally, “Necessary Roughness” returns on Wednesday, Jan. 23. According to TVLine, “the team faces their biggest challenge yet while they wait for ownership of the franchise to be decided.”