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'Dexter' Recap: "Do the Wrong Thing"


Things seem to have gone back to normal on last week’sDexter. In the last few minutes of the show, Deb told him she doesn’t want be involved with that part of his life, that she can’t handle it. She still knows the truth now, so I’m curious to see how much she actually manages to stay out of it.

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Dexter is back to working alone, and he is stalking Hannah because he saw the way she touched her trophies, and when you like to kill, you don’t just stop. He thinks she killed her husband but he has no proof. So he heads to work and he is late for briefing and Deb is already pissed at him. They are talking about Isaak and how to make sure he doesn’t get out.

At least, there is one woman in his life he can make a peace offering to: Hannah. He can cover up what he found at the scene, about her being the one who killed the woman. She has immunity anyway so he won’t be taking the case from the cops.

Isaak isn’t having an easy time making friends in jail. A few Colombians try to threaten him but he threatens right back. He steals a phone from the man who was trying to threaten him and calls George, telling him to come by for a visit, saying it’s urgent.

Dexter goes find Hannah the next day with his peace offering. She is gardening and carrying a dead rabbit. They kill her plants, so she kills them with poison. She does what she has to do. He tells her the blood samples were inconclusive and that he is sorry he accused her. He asks her for a plant for his apartment, she asks if he lives alone and he says currently. She says she currently lives alone too. She tells him her husband died of a heart attack, but they don’t have to talk about it. Dexter says he understands, and tells her about Rita. But she doesn’t want to talk about it still, he asks her about her flower business and she says she took over for the woman who owned it when she passed away. She gives Dexter his flower as a gift and he leaves.

He goes straight to the station to research Hannah’s mentor: Beverly Grey. And her will’s lone beneficiary was Hannah. She also died of a heart attack. Harry argues that that is the lead cause of death in the country. But Dexter is thinking poison, that’s the way women usually kill. Just then, he notices the author of the book on Hannah and Wayne talking to Deb. He came by to see the files and update his book, and he just left to go get some coffee, so Dexter tries to catch up with him. He asks for his autograph and gives him his name, tells him he’s related to Deb. But the author is more interested in whether or not Deb is single. He is also writing a book on Hannah, she was sent to a halfway house, accused one of the employees of sexual abuse. Nothing happened to the guy but a couple of weeks later, he died. Rat poison.

The writer, Sal Price, comes into Deb’s office and asks her out. She asks for a rain check, but he reassures her he’s not trying to write a story on her and the ice truck killer. She says she’s not in a dating mode, her life is really complicated. He likes complicated so he leaves her his card.

Meanwhile Quinn is with his stripper girlfriend. He tells her about the money George left in his car. She knows nothing about it, but she tells him to give it back, they are dangerous men. So he does, he says he’s not for sale. And George tells him to take care of himself.

Dexter isn’t wasting any time; he goes over to Sal’s apartment while he’s at the station and copies the draft of his book onto a pen drive. He also finds the blood test results for Beverly and snaps a picture.

Batista and Jaime are having lunch. She’s glad she hasn’t heard from Louis, and she won’t be unless she sees dead people. He tells her he is thinking about buying the restaurant they are at, retiring from the station. She doesn’t think it’s a great idea and that he needs to really think about it.

George obeyed Isaak and showed up for a visit. Isaak tells him to get him out of jail ASAP. Nothing happened, yet. He wants to avoid killing anyone in there. He wants to know if George spoke with Quinn. Isaak isn’t happy that Quinn gave back the money, he tells George not to disappoint him. So George takes Nadia’s place at the restaurant where she’s supposed to meet Quinn. He says Isaak wants him to lose the blood evidence linking him to the Colombian murders. If he doesn’t, George will transfer Nadia to one of their sex clubs in Dubai. If Quinn does this, Nadia becomes free, he gets her passport. Don’t do it, Quinn.

Deb is at LaGuerta’s office. The DA thinks they have enough evidence to put Isaak away for a long time. But she wants to talk about the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims. She has no leads from the interviews with the families, so she started looking into open cases, and maybe the BHB took some of them out. Not good, looks like LaGuerta will follow Doakes to the grave by the end of this season. Deb tries to talk her out of looking into this, but she thinks it’s worth a shot.

Meanwhile, Dex is reading Price’s draft. Apparently Beverly was killed with aconite, the queen of all poisons. But that still doesn’t prove that Hannah did it. Hannah said earlier she was still using the same handyman as Beverly, so Dexter wants to see if he knows something. Except there is a knock on the door, and it’s Hannah. She brought him a plant that has spots on the petals, like blood splatters. He should ask her to leave, but invites her in instead. She helps find a spot for the plant, in his bedroom. They have a moment, but Dexter’s phone rings. It’s Deb, she wants to talk about LaGuerta’s theory. It can’t wait.

They are talking about Jordan Chase’s case, the one LaGuerta wants to look into. Deb wants to know if there are no loose ends, and what about the person Dexter had been working with. He tells her she wouldn’t incriminate either of them, even if LaGuerta manages to track her down, Deb notices he’s emotional about it, knows they were together. She remembers Lumen and pieces it together. Dexter tries to explain why they did it, asks Deb to let it go, but she says she can’t while LaGuerta is looking into it. He tells her to let him worry about LaGuerta. Deb is hurt, tells him to get out. He’s not sure why, but he leaves.

Next morning, Dexter is at Hannah’s again. She’s at the flower market but her handyman is there. He asks him about Beverly, the handyman tells him Hannah never let it show if she was upset about her death. He tells Dex that even when Beverly got sick, Hannah was the only one taking care of her, wouldn’t let anyone near Beverly, which means she was the only one who had access to poison her. Dexter asks if he can take a look at the wildflowers, and he finds aconite. He notices that it’s been recently harvested, Harry suggests she has a new target. Hannah shows up and invites him for coffee. He tells her he has to get to work, but she wants him to tell her what it is he wants. He says he wants to take her out. “On a date?” That will work.

But she doesn’t date. She gets too attached. Wayne had promised her the world, she knows better now. She talks about Santa’s Holiday Adventure, how Wayne promised to take her there, the only place in Florida where you can see snow (I thought that was Blizzard Beach? Disney lied to me). She had a picture perfect life in her head and she thought Wayne was the only one who could give it to her. So she didn’t care when he was the bad guy. And now she does whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t lose herself like that again, but she still wishes she could have seen the snow. Dexter says he’s not Wayne, he’s not gonna land her in jail; she should go out with him. She says she’s trying to do the right thing. “Do the wrong thing.” How could anyone say no to Dexter? A serial killer should not be so sexy. She agrees to one date. Harry isn’t too impressed with Dexter, and Dex himself seems shell shocked as he leaves her place.

Back at the station, Quinn is still trying to reach Nadia, but she’s not answering. Batista comes to his desk, he wants to know if he’s impulsive, tells Quinn he is thinking about retiring. But Quinn has to go, Masuka overhears him and asks Deb, loudly, if she knows he is thinking about retiring. Deb wants to talk to Batista, wants to know if this is about Mike’s murder case. of course it is, Deb. He says he is burned out and the idea of buying a restaurant actually makes him happy. Deb tells him to do what he has to do, then goes into her office and calls Sal, she asks if he’s still up for that drink, and says she thinks she needs to get a life.

Stupid Quinn is at the evidence room, asking for Mike’s case files. He pulls out the blood sample and leaves. Idiot.

Deb is at her date, she asks him what he is working on, other than updating his book. He says he probably shouldn’t tell her about it. She says she can keep a secret. He tells her his theory about Hannah, that she killed her first victim with Wayne and kept on killing. She says if he shows her the evidence, she will make out with him. He shows her the blood reports from his blood guy, she says Dexter’s were inconclusive, he says they were not, that the killer was smaller than Wayne. Dex is in trouble.

Meanwhile, he’s at Santa’s Holiday Adventure with Hannah. It’s closed for the season, so they break and enter. Dexter has a picnic basket, Hannah takes his hand as they walk into the park. “All of us have some kind of longing, a need crying to be met.” They walk into a tent and Dexter turns the lights on and the snow machines start blowing snow. He says maybe if she finally saw it, she could get some peace. Hannah looks genuinely happy. “But some of us are never satisfied.” Dexter comes up behind her and she has a needle to her neck.

Hannah is in his table when she wakes up. He has a knife and explains that this was what he meant when he said he wanted to take her out, says this is what he needs. “Do what you gotta do.” She seems kind of turned on by this, Dexter raises his knife but instead of cutting her, he cuts the plastic from around her. She sits up and kisses him and instead, they have sex on his table. Holy crap, sexy Dexter.

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