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'Homeland' Recap: "A Gettysburg Address"


After the intense questioning between Brody and Carrie in last week’sHomeland, he agreed to work as a double agent. He was released and told Jess he is working for the CIA when she demanded questions and Carrie seemed emotionally exhausted after the questioning.

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We pick up from the surveillance place, Carrie and Peter are watching Roya, who Brody named as one of his contacts. She stops by a newspaper stand and uses the side glass to look behind her. Carrie thinks she’s meeting someone. And she does, she stops by a fountain, so she can’t be heard. Max and Virgil are on the ground and move closer. They still can’t pick up audio but Virgil is following the man she met up with. He goes into the subway and Virgil loses him. Carrie is not a happy camper.

At Brody’s, Jess is taking care of him, giving him medication for his hand. She’s glad he’s back but she has a million questions still. He can’t talk about it, but tells her to ask, he will answer if he can. She doesn’t ask, tells him never mind and leaves the room to get Dana up for school. She tries to get out of going, says she’s sick, but Jess doesn’t buy it.

Meanwhile, they managed to find the guy Roya met with exiting the subway in another station, but there’s no match for facial recognition. Carrie wants to bring Brody in to see if he can ID the guy, Peter agrees, but tells her not to trust him. I like Peter.

Jess thinks there’s something going on with Dana, because she’s late getting out of bed. Brody is distracted by his phone, he needs to go to Langley. Jess finally asks who he is working with, out of everything she wants to know, that’s the one thing she will ask. He lies and says he’s not working with Carrie, that she was kicked out of the CIA. Brody drives Dana to school, she seems distant and he asks her if she’s okay. She’s fine. But Brody seems more concerned with keeping an eye on the car that is apparently following him. He sees Finn meeting up with Dana outside school as he drives off and the car following him is still there. Dana is annoyed with Finn but he’s trying to reassure her that the woman they hit was going to be okay, someone called 911 and there was a hospital nearby.

Brody gets to the surveillance house, Carrie insists on opening the door for him and he asks if Peter is there. Peter is glaring at him from the corner. I seriously like Peter. He tells Carrie about his conversation with Jess and how he told her they weren’t working together. Then she tells him he’s only there to ID someone and that it won’t always be this easy. He doesn’t recognize the guy, but he mentions he doesn’t appreciate being followed when he is driving his daughter to school. Peter continues to glare at him, “a lot about this arrangement is far from ideal.”  There’s an awkward silence where Brody stares at Carrie and Carrie and Peter stare at Brody. Then Peter finally asks if Brody is absolutely sure he knows nothing that could help them. Brody says he knows nothing about that guy. Peter points out that’s not what he asked. After another awkward pause, Brody walks over to where Carrie is by their board and tells them about the tailor who died and what happened that day.

Peter is pissed, says the deal is about full disclosure. Carrie pulls him into another room and she says it was her fault, she should have pressed Brody more. Peter gives her shit about why she didn’t press him and she tells him to worry about his methods because her work. Go Carrie. They agree they can search the shop now instead of waiting for the tailor to show up so they are sending a forensics team to Gettysburg. Carrie wants to send Brody back to Roya, see if he can find out who this guy is. Peter reminds her not to trust him once again.

Lauder and Mike are talking to a detective about Walker, they want to know how he died, so they are at the place where his body was found. He said it was a single bullet. 9mm. Standard military weapon. The place where he was found wasn’t public. Lauder wants to see the report but the detective said there isn’t one, the CIA took over within 20 minutes. Lauder thinks they covered it up. The detective leaves and Mike tells Lauder he will see if he can get any CIA information.

Dana apparently skipped school, she’s at a hospital. She breaks into the ICU and finds the woman they hit. Her daughter is there, about her age. Said she was doing okay but now they don’t know anymore. That the nurse told her to call a priest. The priest gets there and Dana rushes out.

It’s late at night and Carrie is still at work. Saul shows up to check on her, heard things got nasty with Peter. She tells him Peter told her not to trust Brody. Saul says he’s right. Carrie reminds him she’s the one who came up with that theory when everyone else thought he was patriot of the century. Saul says he worries about her being so close to Brody again. She says it’s not like before, she saw the tape, her eyes are open.

Peter and his team are in Gettysburg, going through the Tailor’s shop. Anyone who asks what they are up to, Peter says to tell them it’s a sales tax audit. Meanwhile Brody is getting to work, Carrie gets into his car before he can get out. She tells him he needs to talk to Roya, to tell her he was at her place and overheard her on the phone. He’s nervous, so she reaches out and touches him, he calls her on it. Asks her what the touching is for. Sex? Understanding? And if it doesn’t work she reminds him of their deal? Carrie is pissed. He says he will talk to Roya. Carrie reminds him to have the phone she gave him on him.

Apparently the guy Mike said he knew in the CIA is Glen Peterson, he sent Saul instead. Bad news for Brody. Peter is suspicious, asks Saul what is going on. When he walks into an office, Estes is there waiting for him. He was told Mike has been asking questions, but he has no answers for him. Mike asks who killed Tom Walker, Estes says he doesn’t know. Saul tells him he is being told respectively not to pursue this unauthorized investigation.

Roya is getting into the building for her scheduled interview. Brody meets up with her, she says it’s against protocol, she contacts him. He tells her what Carrie told him to. She says she did want to hear that. Then she tells him they are raiding the tailor shop. He asks her if they will find anything. She says they might. Carrie was watching and hearing the whole thing.

Dana goes back to school, finds Finn and tells her the woman died. She wants to tell someone, he says they can’t. He is pissed she went to the hospital. He tells her if she says anything about it, he’s dead.

Carrie calls Peter, tells him about Roya and Brody and that Roya knows they are in Gettysburg. Carrie thinks there is something, Peter asks if it’s another one of her hunches. She doesn’t answer but he says he will keep his eyes open. He seems to believe her, because he calls for reinforcement.

Mike is over at Brody’s. Chris let him in, and he’s in Brody’s garage, going through his things. He asks Chris to go get a flashlight for him and pulls a box from a safe. There’s a gun inside. A 9 mm. And it’s missing one bullet.

Peter seems to have found a hollow wall in the back room. FBI and swat are on the way for back up. But a second later, the bell from the front door rings and several men, covered in black walk in, shooting everyone. One of them seems to be the guy Roya met up with earlier. And they are cutting a hole through the back wall after all the agents are down. They remove a big black box, probably a safe and walk out. Peter is on the floor, seems to be dead but I hope not. He’s alive, but has a bullet in his stomach, hurry up, swat!

At Brody’s Mike is still there, Chris is playing videogames and Jess walks in. He asks to talk to her in private and starts with telling her he cares about her. He tells her when Lauder went over, he was drunk, but not wrong in his accusations about Brody. He tells her Brody killed Walker. She says he knows he’s not who he was, but he’s working for the CIA. Mike tells her that has to be some kind of cover up. She tells him to leave. Stupid Jess.

Carrie is at Brody’s office, she walks right in and his secretary follows. He says it’s okay and she leaves them alone. She asks him if he knew they were going to kill the men at Gettysburg, if Brody had been lying to her. He says he doesn’t know anything, she’s really upset and he is the one who touches her this time. He calms her down and lets her cry on his shoulder, literally. And it fades to black. I need to know more! But not until next week.

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