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'Grey's Anatomy' Mini-Recap: "Beautiful Doom"


I’m going to make this recap for “Grey’s Anatomy” short and to the point.  This show has lost its mojo.  The only thing I was enjoying so far this season was Dr. Mark Craig, aka Christina’s Minnesota Meredith.  I realize that’s not the character’s name, but he is forever Dr. Craig to me). And then Shonda went and killed him off.  I should have expected and prepared for it.  It’s Lexie and Mark all over again. 

I get that we were supposed to see Meredith trying to deal with Lexie’s death as she treated the girl hit by the car and found a balance as a working mom, but it fell flat.  I haven’t grown attached to any of the new residents and therefore, they come off as annoying, not quirky. Not even Bailey could save the episode for me.  Zola, however, remains perfect. 

In the end, I had to smile faintly smile when Cristina showed up on Meredith’s doorstep, but really it was “meh.” Hopefully, this show gets its groove back to entertaining again.  I really don’t have anything else to say except I hope next week keeps my attention.

Question to the readers, was I imagining the little jingle at the end during the flash of “Shondaland” as a mini shout out to “St. Elswhere’s” theme?  

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