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'Scandal' Recap: "All Roads Lead to Fitz"


Last night’s “Scandal” was all about showing off Liv’s “fixing” skills. There was zero Fitz in this episode, which is unacceptable BUT forgivable if there’s a Fitz and Olivia scene involving no talking and lots kissing in the near future.  Who knew I’d ever support and even promote adultery?

Back to this episode, Liv takes on the minefield of a governor shooting his house contractor, who was raping his wife.  As the episode unfolds, more and more layers of the story are revealed.  This is the governor that Fitz (via Olivia) beat for the presidency; the governor’s wife was having an affair with the contractor; and most importantly, the governor knew about the affair the entire time.  In the end, Liv learns the governor set up the whole scene and comes off as the “hero” to the public.  While Olivia can’t do anything to fix this situation at the moment, I really hope she can find a way to get the governor good later in the season.  The smug little punk needs to be dethroned with an intern scandal.

Now, onto the juicy part of the episode… Picking up from the bombshell cliffhanger of seeing the craziest, conspiracy-laden meeting in Washington of Mellie, Verna, Olivia, Cyrus, and the very tan, slimy-as-a-used-car-salesman Hollis (I would not be upset if Huck was allowed to go hunting for him), they come to an agreement that David needs to be thrown off track from his obsession of figuring out Quinn’s identity and the cover-up.  I should note that Hollis wants to eliminate David, which only serves to deepen my hatred for him.  I do love the mom-daughter/confidante/protective relationship between Olivia and Verna.  Verna sees the whole Olivia Pope and gives her a shoulder upon which to lean.  Conversely, Liv loves her and is there during her most vulnerable time fighting cancer.

David gets his job back at the district attorney’s office (thanks to Liv) and buys into the story that Liv sets up concerning the cover up.  Abby continues to see David in secret…except it isn’t. My girl Olivia has someone listening in on David.  So when Abby shows her true colors as turncoat and tells David all about her findings concerning the cover up, Liv hears the whole thing.  All I’m going to say is Abby needs to be reminded of her loyalties to Olivia Pope, whether this involves a shoe to her head or being locked in a utility closet, is up to Shonda.

Quick note on Cyrus:  His threats to Mellie were epic. Not once did her raise his voice, but his tone left no doubt he would take care of business.  It’s loooong overdue for someone to put her in her place.  Normally, I’d have an issue with someone threatening a pregnant woman, but I’m completely fine with it here.  Also, I will never believe that it’s Fitz’s baby. Ever.  James being belligerent to Cyrus during the press room briefing was beyond awkward and fabulous. Now, Cyrus doesn’t get to go unchecked and the potential showdown is set up perfectly.

PS. Huck had a date with a girl, and she’s too perfect. Something is up there and not in a good way. 

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