‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 3 Episode 2 “For the Future”

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We’re heading towards the end of the story with the third and final episode of season three of The Owl House. Before we get there, let’s revisit the second episode “For the Future” which was a roller coaster ride featuring sweet moments, tense confrontations, and leading up to the final confrontation with the Collector.

“For the Future” picks up with the other side of the season two finale where King uses his powers to get everyone through the door. The collector begins talking with King. He asks about the game he promised called The Owl House. Lilith and Hooty fly up to King and try to protect him. The Collector fires magic at them, turning them into toys. The Collector puts them into a toy house. 

Eda, still with Raine, turns into her beast form and flies towards King. Kikimora rises out from the rubble, seeing destruction around her. Eda gets close to King but lands on a platform floating around. The Collector notices Eda, grabs her and says she looks fun and invites her to play. 

Luz wakes up in the in-between and notices another figure there with her. Suddenly Amity grabs her out, bringing her to the demon realm, and makes sure she’s okay because she was worried. The group doesn’t see Belos anywhere and proceeds cautiously. Hunter hears a bird but realizes it isn’t Flapjack. He gets frustrated and tells everyone they need to keep moving. Willow and Gus look scared for their friend and the situation they’re in, but Willow says they’ll be okay once they punch Belos through the face. Yes through the face. 

Camila notices the kids were holding back in the human realm as she sees them use their magic. She tells Luz how pretty the demon realm is until she sees the Titan skull. They notice all the changes from The Collector but don’t know yet what happened. Camila tries to talk with Luz about her decision, but Luz insists once they save everyone she’s going to return to the human realm. Camila wants to keep talking about it but Luz walks off. 

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Belos struggles through the woods needing a new body. His form looks even worse. He sees an illusion of his brother and lashes out on him. 

The group arrives home to the Owl House to find it trashed. Camila turns to Willow and Gus for advice about Luz. Gus tells a story about Willow coming to help him get over feeling like a failure by telling him how she’s a failure too sometimes and they bonded over it. He realized he wasn’t upset about failing, more that he was failing his dad. He then realizes that he doesn’t know if his dad is ok now since they ended up in the human realm. Willow comforts him. They notice Hunter outside pacing and yelling so they decide to go check on him. 

Camila pulls Willow aside and asks if she’s really doing ok. Willow replies that she is and that she’s the reliable one. Camila tells her it’s not good to hold everything inside. Willow repeats that she’s okay and walks off. As she does Camila notices tiny sprouts growing out of where she had previously stepped. 

Amity wanders the house and finds Luz in a nest, holding her palisman as if it’ll help it hatch. Amity reminds her of what the Bat Queen said and how she has to connect with it and she has to express her deepest wish. Amity shares how she found her connection and promises Luz she needs to be patient. 

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Suddenly Hutner spots King flying above on a shooting star. They all hop on their staffs and fly after them. Camila cries the whole way and is relieved to get off. The town is boarded up. They turn a corner and magic suddenly flies past them. They see all the people in town suddenly as toy puppets and they scatter when the owl beast appears. Just as the beast is about to pounce the Collector and King fly in saying they’ll save the day. They use a light glyph and it saves the day. The townspeople cheer. We see it isn’t Eda at all. It’s Terra. She thinks she’s in the clear by playing Eda, but The Collector doesn’t like the way she is acting and turns her into a toy. King tells The Collector they can’t keep doing that. He wants to play with the real Eda but Kng reminds him that she’s still dealing with the curse. King promises to check on Eda. The Collector and King head off to the archive house and Luz runs out after them. The happy facade in town drops and all the toys and color disappear. They plan to follow, but suddenly Mattholomule and his friend show up.

Mattholomule catches the group up. At Hexide during the Day of Unity, we see Bump has been protecting students and teachers allowing them to camp there. Suddenly The Collectors spies arrived and attacked, turning the adults to toys. The kids remained hiding out. The group sneak past the spies and arrive back at Hexide. The school has become a marketplace, a place to train and more. It’s disheveled and smells bad, but it has kept them all safe. 

Suddenly Em spots Amity and hugs her. Ed in a full body cast stumbles over. He accidentally fell into a well. Amity embraces them both, happy to see they’re okay. 

In the woods, Belos draws a spell and activates it. A door opens and he drags himself in, past the bones of his failed Golden Guards. He sees another vision of his brother, but continues on. He spots an arm coming out of the ground and pounces on it. The hand suddenly twitches. 

The Collector and King arrive back at the archive house. King tries to check on Eda but is interrupted by Amity’s mom who asks if The Collector had a good adventure. The Collector asks for pizza bagels. Odalia says she can be of more use but The Collector insists, leaving her to put back the toys. She doesn’t seem too happy. 

King and The Collector arrive back in their room. The Collector tries to come up with more fun ideas but King is worried it’d kill the people. The Collector gets into bed and asks King to read a story. King gets to a part of the story about ridding the planet of all life, that is scratched out. Underneath in handwriting are new lines that are juvenile about having fun instead. The Collector asks to sleep with Francois but King reminds him only one person has been allowed. He then asks if he can leave Francois to watch over as they sleep. The Collector says he doesn’t like being alone. King sighs and puts Francois on the nightstand. The Collector closes his eyes and King flies out of the room.  

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At Hexide, Boscha is the student body president and is running things. Two new characters Miki and Roka serve as her guards. They say they were traveling during the Day of Unity and found themselves hiding at Hexide during the incident. Luz introduces her mom and tells Boscha that they’re going to get everyone out of the archive and save the Boiling Isles. Silence echoes through the room. Boscha says they’re all staying put and she will not be putting the students in harm’s way. Outside the room, Luz comes up with the idea to get close to the archives by teleporting to the Titans skull. 

At the archives, King spots the toyified version of Hooty and brings him to a room where the coven heads are all toyified as well. Eda stands with them pretending to be turned. She steps over a red line and the toys all wake up ready to attack Eda. King pushes her back across the line and they all power down. Back in Eda’s room, Lilith is making a potion. Lilith’s hair is shorter and all the dye is gone. Eda drinks it and feathers on her body disappear. Lilith freaks out seeing Hooty in his toy form. King says maybe The Collector could release him too like he did for Eda and Lilith. They tell him that King is already putting himself at risk too much. King and Eda reflect on missing Luz and hope she’s ok. 

Mattholomule brings the group into his secret room. He and Jerbo have been coming up with plans to make Hexide more livable. Luz begins to tell Willow about the time she saw Belos use a glyph to teleport to the skull. They decide to use magic to pull the memory out of her head. 

Back at Belos lair, the arm he took over begins to move. It suddenly begins to melt away leaving bone and deformities. He rushes off in anger that his new form didn’t take. He begins climbing to the archive. Inside, Odalia is growing more frustrated with her situation and wishes someone saw her value. Belos rises behind her and suddenly shoots himself towards Raine’s puppet body. Belos has taken control and Raine has a devious smile on their face. 

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Back in the hidden room, Willow pulls memories out of Luz’s head trying to find the one remembering the glyph Belos used. Hunter is happy to get moving again. Willow hands him a picture of him and Flapjack from when they played Flyer Derby. Gus and Willow tell him how they know he misses Flapjack and they don’t care who he was supposed to be in the past because he’s one of them now. Hunter’s eyes well up and Luz asks if he’s okay. Willow grows nervous thinking she’s made things worse. Roots begin climbing up her legs. She leaves saying she’ll be back. Gus apologizes and tells Hunter he knew he was a Grimwalker but was afraid to say anything. He says maybe if he said something sooner, everything would be different now. Gus heads out to find Willow. Hunter follows after begging them to wait up.. 

Willow passes Boscha in the hallway and Boscha taunts her playfully. She talks about how it’s hard to be a leader and offers unsolicited advice to Willow. Willow calls her out, saying how she’s been petty and mean to her since they met. Willow grows more upset and suddenly something rises up behind her. Boscha has been distracting Willow for bad intentions it seems. 

Luz is about to tell Amity about her plans to stay in the human realm when suddenly the door explodes open. Miki and an abomination stand in the doorway. Suddenly it’s revealed that Kikimora has been hiding in plain sight all along as Miki. Boscha releases a sleeping potion, knocking out the group. 

Raine walks down the hallways. Belos’ sludge drips from their eyes. They sneak into The Collector’s room as he sleeps. The Collector asks how they broke the spell and Raine tells The Collector that they’re in danger. 

Kikimora drops the group into a pit. She reveals she teamed up with Boscha and we see she is just copying Belos’ scare tactics to have people worship her. Kikimora goes to attack Luz and Amity calls Boscha out, saying it’s a bit much, even for her. Just as Kikimora is about to fire a blast, Luz launches a plant glyph attack. Amity throws an attack as well while they try to tie Kikimora up. Camila attempts an ice glyph which goes wrong, breaking the ceiling open, dropping stones everywhere. They group gets split up. Everyone avoids getting hit and Kikimora goes to attack again. Camila tosses a bat which hits Kikimora in the face. They run off. Separated, Amity calls out for Luz hoping she’s ok. She runs into Boscha who suddenly drops to her knees begging Amity to come back. This surprises both Amity and Mattholomule. They try to walk away but Boscha tries to stop Amity from leaving saying they can rule together. Amity tells he she can’t be who she wants her to be but they can try to save her teammates, only if she lets them try. 

Gus wakes up on the ground next to Hunter, shaking him trying to wake him. Gus asks what happened and then remembers smelling sleeping nettles. Hunter tells him that he saw Kikimora so that’s a bad sign. Gus goes to try and find an exit. Hunter holds himself on the ground and says he wishes Flapjack was there with him. Vines begin growing around him. He hears Gus scream and runs towards him. Gus is hanging from the ceiling held by growth coming from Willow. Her eyes are glowing green and she’s completely overwhelmed. She keeps repeating “I can do this” as plant growth appears everywhere, covering Gus and Hunter. She comes to her senses slightly, looks around the room covered in growth and finds herself alone. 

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Back in The Collectors room, they begin laughing at the thought of them being in danger. The Collector decides to drop in on King in his room with magic. At first The Collector sees King defending the Collector, but then sees King is planning on how to stop The Collector. The Collector is upset that King wasn’t being friendly. Belos then tells the collector that Luz is back. Still using Raine’s body, Belos puts the idea that she’s back to help King stop him. 

King tells Eda and Lilith how he used to be scared to make The Collector mad but now he feels like he can relate to him. King plans to talk to The Collector first before they plan something more drastic. 

Luz and Camila escape out of a wall in the pit and into the woods using an invisibility spell. Kikimora follows behind blasting ahead of her to try and get them. Luz and Camila hide, releasing their breath, revealing themselves. Luz tosses her hat in frustration saying how she messed up again. Camila pulls Luz towards her and tells Luz that messing up is a part of living. She offers examples of times when she’s messed up herself. The biggest mess up was that she didn’t stand up for Luz when she needed her mom the most. Camila forgot about the Astral Oath. The oath relates to the book series we found out she loves between the Captain and his family to love and protect each other just as they are. Camila tells Luz she had a hard time growing up so she was afraid Luz would too. Now she sees she made a mistake by trying to protect her by changing Luz into someone she wasn’t. Luz’s bag begins to shimmer. Luz says she just realized something. Inside the bag the palismsn egg begins to crack. Luz tells Camila the only thing she ever wanted was to be understood. Camila notices the glowing become brighter. Tears fall from Luz’s eyes and suddenly magic shoots up into the sky. In the distance Kikimora spots it too. Luz gasps seeing a staff with magic swirling at the top. It hovers towards Luz. She grabs it and the energy calms down revealing an orb at the top. Kikimora suddenly surprises them with an attack. 

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Willow calls out for Hunter and Gus. Still not in control of her powers, she tries to get to Gus and Hunter but the growth keeps coming. She suddenly shifts to saying that she “can’t do this.” Hunter watches as Willow becomes overcome by growth. Tears well in his eyes and he begins to glow yellow. He speed teleports out of the vines and frees Willow. He tells her that she didn’t make anything worse or do anything wrong. He tells her how much they all mean to him and he didn’t know how to say that before. He tells Willow he knows she’s been holding a lot in. Gus then echoes in, saying that reliable people need someone to rely on too!  He tells Willow to let it out and they’ll all be fine. Willow begins bawling, saying how she misses her dad’s. The growth begins to collapse around them. Hunter teleports the three out of the pit to safety. Gus asks how Hunter did that with magic. Hunter asks “the magic of friendship?” They realize he has the magic of Flapjack inside him now. Suddenly, Hunter spots a burst of magic heading their way. He teleports Gus and Willow to safety in time. Luz apologies, saying she’s still getting the hang of her staff. Gus and Willow are surprised to see Luz with a staff. Willow says it makes her nervous seeing it!. 

Kikimora appears and tries to attack. Willow, now in control again, blocks an attack and ties Kikimora up. Gus creates illusions of Willow flying around. Kikimora fires at random trying to hit the real one. Suddenly the kids from Hexide, even Boscha, attack Kikimora. Amity flies to Luz telling her they need to get to the skull. Luz begins drawing the teleport symbol in the ground but her staff suddenly lifts her, allowing her to move and draw it quicker. The other kids begin drawing too with their staffs. Kikimora breaks free from the Hexide kids just as they finish drawing. Kikimora fires at the group but Luz activates the glyph in time. 

They arrive at the Titan skull. They all are relieved to have made it in one piece and that it worked at all. Luz notices her palismsn begins taking a form. The group all approach, wondering what it will be. It suddenly shifts into multiple forms. She’s a snake shifter! Luz names her Stringbean and calls her perfect. All of the palismen join together and Camila hugs them all, speaking to them in Spanish with a baby voice. Willow thanks Hunter for what he said to her earlier. She tells him that he means a lot to her too. He blushes red and his eyes fill with tears. He tells her that he was happy to help as they clasp a finger together. 

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Stringbean comes back to Luz and Luz tells Amity that she can’t wait to introduce her to Eda and King. Amity tells Luz that they’ll love her. They suddenly realize that Hooty might eat her. As might King. As might Eda! They look at each other and begin laughing. 

Above them at the archive, Belos inside Raine tells The Collector again that Luz is there to help King get rid of them. Belos asks The Collector what they plan to do. The Collectors eyes become a bright red. They begin to float proclaiming that they think it’s time for a new game. The Collector snaps their fingers. 

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This is it! We’re heading quickly into the endgame now. What is The Collector planning now? Will everyone make it out safely? Will King be able to talk sense into The Collector? Will Belos be stopped? There are so many questions I have that will likely all be addressed in the finale, airing April 8. 

The episode did a fine job filling in the blanks as to what was happening while Luz and the other kids were stuck in the human realm. The Collector has turned most of the population into play things. I was happy to see King was able to get The Collector to spare Eda and Lilith. Thankfully they are free from control, at least for now. Still, I was surprised we didn’t see more Eda, Lilith and King in the episode. We just got a glimpse of them, still surviving and planning, but nothing too deep into their current states of mind. The physical changes were pretty relevant, being stripped down to their bases, under the control of The Collector. With The Collector now knowing that they don’t have the best intentions, I’m worried.

Seeing Luz upset was still upsetting. She had a lot on her mind because she want to save everyone, but she doesn’t really want to leave them all behind. Having Camila along for the journey was really good for Luz. After first avoiding discussing her plans, she opened up to Camila in a really heartbreaking, yet hopeful discussion. Camila was able to finally open up about her feelings she kept inside while Luz was gone. I like how they continue to insert family trauma into the story and how little things from the past still affect those in the present. It’s an important topic and one that should be discussed more. Camila had all this guilt she unintentionally put on Luz. Seeing how talking about it allowed for Luz’s palisman to wake up shows how it was really needed. 

I was a bit surprised Kikimora still went to her roots and came up with a new scheme to keep herself in power. In a way it was predictable, but at the same time sad that even with everyone going on around her, she didn’t try to do the right thing again. She’s had plenty of opportunities, but maybe in the finale she can redeem herself a bit. 

It was sad seeing Odalia still not getting it right either. She’s doing what she needs to do to survive this unique situation, but she’s clearly only looking out for herself. Maybe she can also do the right thing in the finale and help. Especially in a moment where Amity may need her the most. 

Belos is still up to no good. It was really disturbing seeing them choose Raine to inflict so much deceit and pain on others. It makes me worried for Raine in the finale. Will they be able to free them from Belos? I don’t want to see anyone, let alone Eda, have to choose what to do to save them.

Willow holding everything in was rough to watch. It has been building for some time now and the fallout was at one of the worst times. Were it not for Hunter who knows how someone could have gotten through to her! Camila saw the signs, yet she kept pushing through. 

Hunter finally finding the words to say how he feels about his friends was nice to see. He’s been holding a lot in as well. Gus, Willow and Hunter have created a strong bond and it was great to see. Through all of these hardships, they’ve become a family. 

I absolutely loved that he obtained his powers from Flapjack. The two are now bonded together for life. They get to share their love for one another together forever. The teleporting powers will absolutely come in handy! He was able to master them in the heat of the moment, so once he completely learned how to control it, he should become a force to reckon with. Especially if there is a final battle to come against The Collector and/or Belos. 

It was pretty hilarious revealing that Mattholomule’s actual name is Matt Tholomule. Seeing him think he’s all grown up now was a perfect addition to his character. It was also great seeing him push back against Boscha and her power trip. He knew what he had to do despite her wishes. She still was Boscha until the end of the episode. She eventually realized the right thing, later than she should, but she still came through for her friend, Hexide and others. 

What an amazing ride this series has been. To think of how we started with Luz being a slightly timid young girl with bright eyes in a new place, and now she’s helping to free her adopted home from the grip of two power hunger maniacs! Hopefully she will be able to save Eda, King, and everyone else stuck in the archive. I have a good feeling that with her friends, and everyone else she’s had an influence on, they will be able to come together and persevere. I don’t want this show to end!!!

“Watching and Dreaming,” the series finale of The Owl House airs April 8 at 9:25PM on Disney Channel and Disney XD. All current episodes can be streamed on Disney+.

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