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'Days of our Lives' Previews: Week of November 12


Next week on Days of our Lives, Nicole’s descent into a melancholy existence worsens as she struggles with the reality of her actions. Could the return of Eric Brady lead her to the salvation she so desperately needs? Also: Will and Sonny make love; Kristen achieves resolution between EJ and Stefano.


After losing her child and Daniel, Nicole is despondent about her future. Brady is able to offer little comfort to Nicole, who wonders why she can’t ever have real love. Nicole admits she wouldn’t change what she’s done if she had a do-over. When Jennifer tells Nicole how sorry she is, Nicole is brazenly unapologetic and later rejects her actions, realizing Jennifer holds her fate in her hands. [Copied from]

Relieved she won’t be faces any charges, Nicole is overwhelmed with feelings of grief for all her loss. When she checks out of the hospital, she runs into someone she never expected to see – Eric Brady! She is stunned when she learns Eric is now a priest. Before they can catch up, Marlena, Roman and Sami enter, causing Nicole to make a quick exit. Nicole later cancels plans to visit her sister – could Eric have played a part in her reasons for doing so?

Later, Nicole is left a mess after an awful run-in with EJ. EJ alleviates Nicole’s fears of retaliation, as she’s created a hell for herself he could never rival. Later, Eric finds a broken and emotionally beaten Nicole and is curious as to what’s bothering her. She rejects his kindness at first, but admits it’s time he knows just how far she’s fallen.


Will is anxious as he prepares to meet up with Sonny, worried what their encounter could hold for their future.  He runs into Lucas and Sami and takes the opportunity to blast his father yet again. Accusing Lucas of poisoning his mind against Sonny, Will rails against him for meddling in his life and trying to ruin his happiness. Lucas defiantly stands his ground, defending his statements. Sami backs Will during the argument, giving him just the boost of support he needs. [Copied from]

Later, the awkwardness between Will and Sonny ends once honesty is prevalent. Will admits he screwed up and misses Sonny deeply. Sonny forgives Will and they decide to return to Sonny’s apartment. With nothing else to hold them back, Will and Sonny decide to make love for the first time.


Jennifer decides not to press charges against Nicole. Marlena is certain Kristen is manipulating her and John, but John believes otherwise. EJ and Abigail bond over the loss they’ve both experienced in recent months. Chad hasn’t abandoned his mission to ruin Nick. Marlena, Roman and Sami are thrilled with Eric’s decision to return to Salem! Kristen offers to leave CW so EJ can take over as Sami’s boss, but only if EJ comes back to the DiMera family. EJ accepts Kristen’s offer and finally reaches out to his father, but makes it clear he is his own man. Kristen attempts to reconnect with Jennifer. Daniel seeks advice from Maggie. Sami warns Eric to stay away from Nicole. After Brady is attacked while saving Kristen from a mugger, Kristen tries to relay a message to John but Marlena deletes it! Sami to assumes EJ took over as her boss to ease the tension she’s had with Marlena, and he lets her. It pays off as he’s pleased with her reaction to their new working arrangement. Jennifer has found something that may help Daniel become a surgeon again.


Nicole opens up to Eric about what she’s done…and what she’s lost. Kayla delivers some news to Hope about Bo and Caroline. Lucas reaches out to Sonny.

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