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General Hospital Previews: Week of November 12



Robert Scorpio returns to Port Charles, AJ ends up in jail, and Duke pursues Anna next week on General Hospital

Carly has AJ arrested!

Carly is stunned when she comes face-to-face with AJ again and accuses him of manipulating Michael. When she arranges for AJ to get arrested, Monica attacks her. After, Carly runs straight to Sonny and confirms that AJ is alive. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Michael fights with Dante and Anna over his biological father’s future. Sonny faces off with AJ when he visits him in jail.  

Duke Pursues Anna!

When Duke returns from Switzerland, he attempts to pick up where he and Anna left off. Anna is close to making a major discovery, but will Duke be a distraction? They reminisce about their pasts and grow closer during a dinner that ends with a kiss. Later, Anna tells Duke that Robert is back in Port Charles.

Brit Marks her Territory!

Robin makes a terrifying discovery. Patrick is confused by Emma saying she answered a call from Robin, which causes Sabrina to worry he’s still suffering from grief. She mentions the photos she and Emma looked at of the Nurse’s Ball. Patrick is touched by this, sparking jealousy from Brit, who doesn’t like the idea of him and Sabrina getting close. This prompts Brit to ask Elizabeth for the goods on Patrick. She tells him about Patrick’s sordid past and inability to resist an attractive woman before Robin came along. Later, Britt informs Sabrina that she and Patrick will be spending their first night together at the Metro Court.

Around Town

Distraught, Sam seeks out Anna and asks her what she’s doing to find Jason. Sabrina and Elizabeth ask Tracy to fund the Nurse’s Ball. Spinelli helps Maxie and Ellie move in together. Lulu and Dante try to figure out how to fund their surrogacy. Olivia witnesses something strange when she runs into Duke. Steve is surprised to hear about AJ’s return as is Elizabeth since her brother is the one who pronounced him dead. Michael and Sam discuss his issues regarding AJ’s return.

A major secret is revealed on Monday, November 12.

Tracy sends the cops after Monica and Alice on Tuesday, November 13.

Lulu and Dante urge Maxie to tell Spinelli how she really feels on Wednesday, November 14.

Robert Scorpio returns to Port Charles on Thursday, November 15.

Elizabeth and Robert make a shocking discover on Friday, November 16.

Coming Up: Tracy is determined to have AJ imprisoned. Spinelli chooses a woman. Sonny attempts to keep AJ away from Michael. Sam freaks out on John. The Quartermaines honor Edward on Thanksgiving. Sonny is given a reason to have hope with Kate.

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