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‘Nashville’ Recap: “Move It On Over”



Rayna proclaimed her independence. Teddy’s secret with Peggy was revealed. Scarlett, Avery, and Gunnar come to blows… again. Deacon helps Juliette help her mother, but neither seems able to help themselves. 

Since this is a show set against the backdrop of country music, I thought I’d a little more country into the mix. (By the way, how good were the songs this week? I’m still weeping over Deacon’s song, Sideshow. I may never be the same again.) This week’s recap is brought to you by Sugarland, Sara Evans, Tammy Wynette, and Taylor Swift. Rayna James would probably not approve of my choices.

“We said goodbye, tried a hand at magic,
But we couldn’t make us disappear.
Not a day goes by I don’t wish I had you.”

            – Keep You, Sugarland 

Rayna more or less laid her relationship with Deacon to rest this week, quiet sad given their history. Round one of her problems came with her song, “American Beauty,” a Faith Hill style diddy she penned with Deacon. The song was picked to sell beauty products, but required a lyric change Deacon didn’t approve of. Given the sappy sweet – and majorly awkward – commercial for the product that had Rayna dancing on a pedestal surrounded by giant white flowers, I don’t blame him. Round two came when she confronted Deacon about refusing to sign over the rights to the song. In short, she would rather sell-out Deacon and his lyrics instead of selling-out herself to support her family. I’m not quite sure, which is worse really, but in a town like Nashville friendships should mean everything. Round three came when Teddy asked her why she canceled her tour with Deacon. She told him she didn’t sleep with him and ignored his questioning about whether she wanted to because he needs to put the past to rest. After all, that’s what Rayna is doing. She’s one guitarist and co-writer down, so she’s declaring her independence and writing alone.

“You’ve done your sowing, now you can do the reaping.
Maybe you should have thought about that when you were cheating.”

            -Cheatin’, Sara Evans 

Teddy’s past with Peggy was revealed. Turns out they “borrowed” two million dollars to keep finances afloat and that’s what Teddy is trying to keep hidden with the audit. Terrified, Teddy turned to his father-in-law, who assured him that he would make everything go away. Later, Lamar met with Peggy and told her to keep quiet and act normal because he was going to make everything disappear. Sure enough, Lamar came through. Peggy and Teddy met to share their relief, unaware someone was snapping pictures of their casual touches and laughter. I’m guessing they’ll be front page news in next week’s episode.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman,
Giving all your love to just one man.”

            – Stand by Your Man, Tammy Wynette

The pissing contest between Gunnar, Avery, and Scarlett continued… and probably never will end. This triangle is terrible. Anyway, Scarlett and Gunnar got the chance to have a song recorded by Lady Antebellum. They needed an extra guitarist and Avery offered to help, which meant hijacking their moment with his guitar skills because he was jealous of their connection. Gunnar confronted Avery after and Scarlett overheard, later telling Gunnar she was with Avery.

Later, Scarlett went home and told Avery they lost the deal because Avery hijacked their moment and the record producers knew it. She told him what she always tells him, that she chooses him and eventually he has to believe it.

Scarlett is kind of pathetic, you guys. Plain and simple. 

“I might be okay,
But I’m not fine at all.” 

            – All Too Well, Taylor Swift

Distraught over her mother’s addiction, Juliette caved and asked Deacon to help her. Thanks to his past, Deacon connected with his mother and convinced her to check herself into rehab – but not before slapping Juliette in the face and blaming her for everything. Afterward, Deacon asked if her mother was always abusive. She told him sometimes and went in for a kiss, but Deacon was aware of what she was trying to do. Juliette got defensive, but he assured her that he was just concerned as her friend and suggested she take some time to herself and stop self-destruction.

The next day, Deacon met with Teddy’s opponent in the Mayor face, revealing he and Rayna put him in rehab. Deacon confesses to almost relapsing. Juliette’s mother combined with the Rayna issues was almost too much. His downfall continued when he performed at the Bluebird Café and sang a song about being the sideshow in the life of a woman he loved. Given what happened with Juliette this episode, it took definitely took on a double meaning. My soul wept. And wept. And still weeps. Mostly because I will never have a Deacon.

A heckler called out to Deacon about Rayna during the show, which resulted in a fist fight later. Deacon ended up in jail and had no one to call except Rayna, who declined his call. Some friend you are, Rayna. Some friend. Thankfully, Juliette came to his rescue. Their reuniting didn’t last because Deacon had to deal with the rights to his and Rayna’s song, which he let her have for the commercial, and Juliette moved into a new house. May their new beginnings be the start of something beautiful, preferably involving one another. 

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