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‘Revenge’ Quick Recap: What “Illusion” did you miss this week in the Hamptons?



Emily’s latest plot just might have lead Mason Treadwell to her true identity. 

It was no surprise that Emily gave Amanda a reasonable back story for her missing scars. Nor that she used Amanda to plug Gordon’s missing identity and how it might be connected to Conrad. This sent Mason, the most gullible person in the Hamptons – possibly of all time, gunning for Gordon’s whereabouts. Thanks to Emily’s scheme Mason was lead straight to Gordon’s body – and half a pair of cufflinks with Conrad’s initials.

Meanwhile, Victoria was set to remarry Conrad. He presented her with a gun as a wedding gift. How romantic! If I were Conrad, I’d be worried that Victoria would use it against me. Thankfully, she was distracted by Mason calling her with the whereabouts of Gordon’s body, but more on that later.

Charlotte called bluff on both of her parents and didn’t even bother to attend the wedding. Too bad she didn’t. She missed Emily arriving with Aiden, much to Daniel’s dismay. The couple swapping that went on between Aiden and Ashley and Daniel and Emily was the highlight of the episode. Even better was Daniel’s admission that Emily was right and he had become everything he hated. He mentions how the wedding could have been them, but Emily says she doesn’t think about it because he’s with Ashley now. He looked all adorable and dapper and sexy in his tuxedo with his big brown eyes basically asking for another chance. Except before he could, the police stormed into the room to arrest his father. Damn you, Conrad/Mason/Emily. Not knowing Emily’s reply will keep me up at night for the rest of my life.

Unbeknownst to Conrad, while he was putting on a show for their guests and playing the doting husband, Mason had lead the police to the Grayson estate where they searched for weapons and fibers and basically everything possible that attaches Conrad to the murder.

News of Gordon’s corpse spread around the Hamptons, mostly at the Porter’s Crab Shack, which is now open for business again thanks to Declan’s crooked sugar daddy. Charlotte saw her father’s arrest and rushed home. Kara was stricken with grief. Daniel accused his mother of knowing about the entire plot. And then Mason delivered a truly fantastic line about Daniel downgrading from Emily and screwing the help to which Victoria replied Emily was just a glorified foster child. And that’s where the dots started to get connected.

Later at the police station, Victoria maintained she had nothing to do with him being framed. Conrad agreed because it was just too complex of a plot for her to pull off. Zing! Despite the evidence stacked against him, a woman from the top secret, super in control initiative came to visit Conrad and offered to free him. He agreed to do whatever they wanted, freeing him to go home and taunt Victoria, who was terrified at what the initiative might ask him to do.

Next door, Aiden and Emily were semi-cuddled on the couch while he questioned Emily about Ashley. She called her an easy mark. Aiden insisted she was too easy. So perhaps there’s more to her desperate social climbing? Emily gets her second hot guy confession of the night when Aiden admits he’s jealous of Daniel and that he’s changed. They almost kissed, but Emily asked him to leave. Like the good guy, Aiden respected her decision, but vowed not to give up on her. Swooooon.

On the other side of the Hamptons, at the Crab Shack, Jack brought Amanda and Carl (that name is just so awful) on his adorable lit boat and proposed. Remember when Daniel proposed to Emily on a yacht? Yeah. That one was better. Of course, Amanda said yes. Unfortunately in his evil lair somewhere in a deep dark hole, Mason connected the dots and figured out how Emily and Amanda know one another. Dun, dun, dun! Raise your hand if you think Mason will be the next body to surface in the Hamptons. Yeah, me too, and I almost can’t wait for it to happen.

Sound off in the comments below and I’ll see you here next week! 

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