‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peeks: Week of November 12

Next week on General Hospital, the Quartermaines are the talk of the town! Carly faces off with Michael and later has a run-in with Monica; AJ is ready to face what’s coming his way; Elizabeth in on a mission to bring back the historic Nurses’ Ball and Lulu and Dante’s adoption saga continues!


  • Sam demands answers from Anna.
  • Carly must suffer Michael’s wrath.
  • Liz has an idea about how to fund the Nurses’ Ball.
  • Monica rips into Carly.
  • Can Connie force Todd’s hand?
  • Sonny is ready for a confrontation
  • An unexpected duo is hauled into the PD for assault.
  • Lulu and Dante agree to move forward with a plan for surrogacy.
  • Is Patrick finally ready to move on?
  • Will Maxie find the outrage to tell Spinelli how she feels?
  • Sonny is there when Dante needs him.
  • Steve is extremely troubled to learn that things were not what they seemed.
  • Sam and Michael are both shocked when an unexpected visitor bursts in.
  • Patrick’s compliment thrills Sabrina.
  • Monica reveals that she has resorted to desperate measures.