‘Days of our Lives’ Sneak Peeks: Week of November 12

Next week on Days of our Lives, romance is in the air between Will and Sonny; Greg Vaughan joins the cast as Eric Brady; EJ returns to his family and Marlena’s actions could cause severe problems with John!


  • Will lays into Lucas in front of Sami for attempting to poison his mind against Sonny.
  • Gabi faints in Nick’s arms. In soaps we all know that fainting usually leads to pregnancy. Though she had a tryst with Will just a few months ago, she and Nick have been going at it like bunnies lately. Later, Cameron delivers some shocking news to Gabi.
  • Nicole wonders if she’ll be arrested.
  • Chad still has desires to ruin Nick’s life.
  • Will receives some surprising news.
  • Marlena finds John out at the Horton Cabin with Kristen.
  • EJ calls Stefano wanting to return to the DiMera fold.
  • Brady is hit unconscious while defending Kristen.
  • Abigail and EJ bond over their losses.
  • After speaking with the D.A., Jennifer makes her final decision.
  • Nicole comes face to face with an old flame…Eric Brady!
  • Marlena’s subterfuge could come back to haunt her.
  • Will and Sonny make love for the first time
  • Kristen makes a huge peace offering to John.
  • Jennifer suggests some life changing options to Daniel.
  • Sami issues a stern warning to Nicole regarding her brother.

DVR Alerts:

Monday – Nicole wonders if she’ll get arrested.

Wednesday – EJ calls Stefano wanting to return to the DiMera fold.