‘The Owl House’ Season Finale Review: Season 2 Episode 21 “King’s Tide”

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We’ve reached the final episode of The Owl House Season 2! The whole second half of the season set the stage for part two of the season finale, and boy did it deliver. King’s Tide was such a strong episode. We got a range of emotions throughout. Characters lives were laid on the line, we got some big confrontations, and everyone was willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It’s hard to imagine the show only has three 44-minute specials left in it to wrap the whole story up. 

The episode picks up with King waking up in the darkness again hearing the voice of the Collector. Belos tells the Collector that he can trust him. King scoffs at the statement. Suddenly the Collector shouts out asking who is there. King is jostled awake suddenly, sleeping in Willow’s arms. Alador is flying the airship with Amity, Willow, Gus and Hunter on board. Their palismen all sleep together and shiver. Tempers begin to flare as they all seem frustrated. Amity wants to fly faster, and Hunter wants to take the wheel from Alador. Alador questions if Hunter is trying to get back to Belos. Hunter counters, saying at least he didn’t build Belos an army. Gus tells them not to distract the pilot as the ship begins to rock. 

King sadly says that he can’t believe Luz is going to fight Belos on her own again and he’s powerless to help. Willow sends her palismen to the other palismen who bring a crate of food to the others arguing. They realize they’re hungry and exhausted. They decide to focus their energy on helping instead of fighting. The atmosphere suddenly shifts and things go smoother. They all help each other and calm down. 

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Belos greets the crowd at the Day of Unity. The crowd goes wild with cheers. He tells the crowd how much wild magic has been a curse on them all and they’re about to wipe it out for good. The heads of the covens climb the stairs to get to Belos. The CATs are all getting into their places. Raine and Eda talk as they get ready. Raine reminds Eda that her voice won’t be covered by the cloak. She tells Raine she has it all handled and not to worry. Raine tells Eda not to tell them to worry. Raine takes Eda’s hand, touches her new sigil and the two lock eyes. Lilith runs in with Hooty on her back and tells Eda to be careful. The sisters embrace and Hooty gets teary eyed. 

Eda uses the stone to appear as Raine. She approaches Darius and looks back at a worried Raine and Lilith. They approach Belos and the rest of the coven heads. Belos says he’s changing up the plans. Darius and Eberwolf get pushed aside, leaving Eda without her original protection. Belos begins the ceremony drawing glyphs in the ground around them. The eclipse begins and Belos quietly says goodbye to the Boiling Isles. The ground begins to glow and the crowd’s sigils glow along with. Belos suddenly disappears.

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Belos reappears with the Collector who says it’s done and now he can be free. Belos apologizes saying he only has enough Titan’s Blood to open the portal. He pours the remaining blood into the door contraption. It begins to glow. The collector calls Belos a liar for not holding up his end of the deal and throws a tantrum. Belos covers the mirror and the tantrum stops. 

Kikimora enters the chambers and presents a gift for Belos, what she thinks is Hunter. Kikimora asks to be his second in exchange for the gift she brought him. He tells her no and she is taken aback. Belos tosses her out of the room and tells her to go whiter away. Belos exits with the covered up mirror. He takes the cover off again and tells the Collector he can’t let anyone have access to his power again. He tosses the mirror over the edge. The Collector yells “liar” over and over as it falls below. 

Belos goes back to the bubble Kikimora brought and knows it’s Luz inside. The bubble bursts and she stays on the ground, confusing Belos. He asks her if she has no fight left in her. Luz begins using sigils to attack Belos. 

The airship is approaching when Alador and Hunter’s sigils begin to glow. King looks out as a guard ship orders them to land immediately. Gus casts an illusion. The guards fire but miss. Hunter attacks the guard but an Abomaton knocks him off his staff. Flapjack goes after him but Willow grabs him. Amity turns off the Abomatons with a remote and Gus lets the illusion down. More ships begin firing on them, causing them to head towards the ground. 

The ceremony continues and the crowd continues to be excited. Lilith and Raine sit together worried when a shadow approaches. Eda looks nervous standing with the other coven heads. Eda lets her curse appear a little bit, disrupting the spell. The heads realize what Eda is up to and go after her. Ebeberwolf attacks the other heads and Darius enters the fray too. The coven heads begin to fight but ultimately capture Darius and Eberwolf. An Abomaton brings Raine, Lilith and the other CATs onto the platform. Eda calls out for Raine. The Coven heads swap Raine into the spell and it begins to grow powerful again. 

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Luz continues attacking Belos but he’s able to avoid all of her attacks. He’s surprised she was able to combine glyphs already as it took him a long time to figure it out. Belos grabs Luz and says he wants to help her despite their differences. He says he can send her home. Luz calls him a hypocrite. She says he’s done everything to try to protect humanity but he is barely human anymore. Belos says he pities her for letting the witches there corrupt her mind and says he should just put her out of her misery. He begins to petrify her. 

Luz searches the room for something to help her. She spots a sigil glove. She begins to tell Belos that witch hunters aren’t really a thing anymore in the human realm. No one is going to take him seriously if he’s ranting about a demon realm and wearing clothes like the ones he does. Belos tosses Luz at the table she was eying earlier. She hides the glove behind her as Belos approaches. Her body continues turning into stone. She offers him a deal. She’ll return to the human realm and be his guide if he spares her friends. Just as she’s about to be fully engulfed, Belos reverses the petrification and agrees to her terms. She tells him to shake on it. She reveals her hands are empty. As she shakes his hand, she brands Belos with a sigil. Luz releases her breath to reveal she’s been cloaking the glove. 

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The eclipse is in full form. The sky turns red and the Coven head’s sigils begin to drain the magic. Darius cries out that they’re too late. They all fall to their knees in pain. All of the crowd’s magic begins to drain through the coven heads. The Abomatons seal off the exits, trapping everyone inside. Belos begins writhing in pain as his magic is also drained. Luz tells him that he’ll never make it out if he doesn’t stop the draining spell. Belos’ true wild form appears. 

King wakes up and sees the rest of the airship party picking themselves up from the wreckage. Alador fends off Abomatons. The kids run off leaving him to hold them off. King keeps going in and out of consciousness. They arrive and find the coven heads all unconscious. Amity uses the Abomaton remote to free Eda from the Abomaton holding her. Willow tries to get Eda to wake up. Amity says they have to get to the head and save Luz. 

At the portal door, Luz backs away from the creature Belos has become. She begs him to stop the spell again. He goes to attack her but strikes the portal door. It begins to flicker. Luz uses an invisibility spell to slip by the monster. She lures it out of the room. It catches up to Luz and tells her they don’t belong there. Luz yells back that she’s not like him. 

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Just then, Willow summons vines to hold Belos down. Amity asks if Luz really thought they wouldn’t follow after her. Belos begins to break free. Amity protects Luz from a falling stone. Gus puts King down and tells him to wait there. King tells him that he can help, but Gus is already gone. Belos breaks free but the kids team up to hold him down again. 

King falls down a flight of stairs and comes upon Kikimora who tells him it’s all pointless. She says only the Collector can stop the draining spell now. King asks who the Collector is. She says he’s a child from the stars, neither witch or human. She said Belos thought no one heard him talking to the Collector, but she was listening and could tell Belos was afraid of him. King tells her to take him to the Collector. She gladly agrees, knowing it’ll help kick the Emperor’s butt! 

The battle rages on above. Belos counties breaking free. More magic slows him down. Gus uses an illusion to get into his head, and he lashes out. Hunter grabs Gus out of the way of an attack. Suddenly Belos’ human form appears and asks Hunter why he’s trying to hurt him. Before an answer can come, he spots Hunter’s palisman. He shifts back and screams “kill him”. 

Kikimora and King reach the bottom. It is littered with skulls and golden guard masks. Kikimora says this is where all the failures end up . The mirror lies at the edge of the room. King approaches. He touches it and the Collector emerges. He tells King that he doesn’t associate with liars. He says he knows someone is there but why can’t he see him. From the perspective of the Collector, only King’s shadow is visible. King’s symbol on his collar begins glowing. He takes it off and the Collector can see him. He says that King looks like the guy who trapped him in the mirror. He then asks if he’s the Titan’s baby. The Collector says he always wanted to play with King but his father hid him from him. The Collector tries to get King to play hide and seek. 

King stops him and asks the Collector to help stop the draining spell. He calls King no fun. King suddenly gets an idea. He asks the Collector if he’s ever played a game called “The Owl House”. The Collector is intrigued. King continues saying they need an entire island of players, but everyone is about to perish. So he guesses they can’t play and begins to walk off. The Collector is intrigued and says King a Titan so he can free him to stop the spell, then they can play. He then stops and asks if he’s tricking him like Philip did. King goes to pinky swear when the Collector gets super cagey and tells King to follow his lead.  King touches the mirror and it begins to glow and crack. The room lights up. 

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Eda wakes up in pain. Her sigil finally begins draining as the curse can no long keep it at bay. Raine grabs her and says that they promised a special kid they’d protect her. Raine snaps off Eda’s detachable arm and it turns to dust. Eda is no longer affected by the spell. Raine collapses in Eda’s arms. 

The mirror cracks, freeing the Collector. 

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As Belos is about to strike the group of kids, he is stopped. The collector in a mortal form holds Belos’ spiked hand with little effort. Belos backs away seeing the Collector. Belos nervously says that he’s free. The Collector doesn’t buy his fake excitement. He asks if Belos wants to play tag. He touches Belos and instantly flings him into the wall like nothing, turning Belos into goo. He turns to the kids asking if they want a head start. King jumps between them and reminds him of the deal they made. The Collector still has to help all of King’s friends outside or they can’t play The Owl House. Luz begins to play along saying how fun the game is. Amity says the memories last a lifetime. Willow and Gus rave about playing it all the time. Hunter nervously squeals. King says he’ll explain the rules later but they need lots of players first. The Collector looks out at the crowd all in pain. He agreed. He “boops” the moon out of the way of the sun with little effort, ending the eclipse and the spell. 

The Collector says if they are going to play Owl House then they’re going to need an Owl House. He begins floating and the room begins to break up and change form. Willow spots the portal door and says she thinks there’s a way out.  They begin running but Luz stops. Amity grabs her. Luz says she can’t leave Eda and everyone. Amity begs her to come. She agrees. The kids jump across broken pieces of the room floating apart. Hunter stops as he approaches the puddle of goo which was once Belos. Gus calls out to him and he begins running again. A piece of the goo falls onto Hunter’s shoulder. 

The door begins losing energy and flickers. It begins crumbling. It momentarily begins working again and Hunter opens the door. The mirror-like portal shifts into a stormy night sky. Gus says it’s human rain and that it’s ok. Gus, Willow and Hunter run through. Amity stops at the door frame and calls out to Luz. She looks back and sees Luz is holding the room together with her plant spells to keep the door open long enough for them to all get through. King clings to her back. Amity asks what she’s doing. Gus, Willow and Hunter begin appearing in and out on the other side of the door. Luz says she has to get Eda. Once she does, they’ll find a way back to them. 

The collector notices what is going on. Luz tells them to hurry and that she can’t hold the portal much longer. The Collector begins pulling King saying that he pinky swore they’d play together. Luz tries to grab King as he floats off. Luz cries out that they have to stick together. King apologizes saying he’s sorry, not this time, but he can keep her safe. He tells Luz he’s so happy he had her as a big sister. King lets out a giant WEH. The kids all fly through the portal door and end up in the human realm. The portal closes as Luz calls out to King and tries to run towards him. Luz opens and closes the house door, but it’s too late, it’s just a normal door again. 

Thunder rumbles in the distance. Luz stares in shock. Gus begins crying. The other kids remain frozen, in shock at what just happened. 

Camila stirs a pot on the stove as Vee sits at the table. A knock at the door disturbs her. She gasps when she opens the door and sees Luz along with Amity, Willow, Gus and Hunter. Luz shyly says that she’s back. 

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Thunder and rain continue as the credits roll over the open door where the portal door let them through. Drops suddenly fall from the ceiling and close the door. 


What a finale. The range of emotions I went through watching was incredible. It had everything! Humor, pain, struggle, sacrifice, fear, and so much more! What a way to end the season.

Let’s start at the Day of Unity. We knew Belos was aware of the CATs plans, but it still hurt seeing the well thought out plan fall apart in front of them. It was heartbreaking seeing Raine and Lilith so worried about Eda as the plan was initially in motion. Then once they were caught, Raine’s pain and strain to protect Eda was heartbreaking. The way Raine was able to save Eda by snapping off her arm was a great twist. I’m glad they showed her taking it off earlier in the episode, setting the stage for the reveal. Now that the draining ceremony was halted, what is going to happen to the remaining magic. Is Eda’s curse still there? Did the people of the Boiling Isles lose too much? Did halting it before it completed just negate the effects? What are the Coven Heads going to do now that everything they believed in was a lie. How will the crowd, guards and scouts react to the betrayal and lies they were fed? So much to explore in the season three specials!

The way the kids were able to team up together to try and take on Belos was a great moment. The group has bonded and become a solid unit in the face of so many struggles and battles they’ve had to face together. How are they going to handle being in the human realm while all of their families and friends are still stuck behind in the demon realm. This is all new for them and will likely cause for some intense emotions when the show returns.

After Belos was turned to goo, we saw a piece of it go through the portal door on Hunter’s back. Will he be able to reform in the human realm? Will this be a lesson to him? If he’s able to reform, will he be a changed man? How will he adjust to the human realm and all the advancements it has made over the years? 

Luz is home now. Camila must have so many conflicted thoughts herself. Once Luz explains everything that happened, will she be okay with her trying to get back to the demon realm to save her friends? Or will she be a protective mom and try to keep her safe and out of harm’s way? 

The Collector ended up being even scarier than I had ever imagined. He is recklessly powerful. How can anyone take him on when he can move the sun without batting an eye. What does it mean that he’s a child of the stars? We know of the two realms, human and demon. Is there another realm? Or is this something different. I fear for King. How long will he be able to keep up the ruse of playing a game with the Collector? He now has all the “players” for the game, so how will he keep everyone safe. The Collector could lash out in ways we don’t even know yet. He took out Belos so easily, how can the rest keep him at bay. Maybe Eda, Lilith and Raine can figure it out.

It’s going to be emotional once everyone hopefully reunites at some point. They’re going to eventually have to come together to take on the Collector right? Will Kind’s Titan powers be able to take him on? The Collector mentioned that it was King’s father who was the one to capture him in the mirror. We also know there is a symbol which keeps the Collector from being able to see the person wearing it like King was before. It also makes sense why the Collector was not able to see King and kept asking if someone was there when King visited him in the darkness. 

So many thoughts, ideas and theories I’m sure will come in the months ahead as we await the final season three special episodes. This show has had such an incredible run so far, I know the conclusion will be thrilling, emotional and well worth the wait. It’s a shame we won’t be getting a full season or more than 3 special episodes, but it’s better than not getting a proper conclusion. I know the crew will deliver with whatever comes next. I’ll eagerly await the finale!

The Owl House Season 2 can be streamed on Disney Now. Most episodes are also available to stream on Disney+. 

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