‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 20 “Clouds on the Horizon”

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Disney took their time this week uploading “Clouds on the Horizon” to Disney Now. Therefore I wasn’t able to upload this review earlier in the week. As we head into the season finale tomorrow, it still feels timely to publish this now! 

Part one of the season finale has arrived! We’re heading into the Day of Unity finally after teasing it for the bulk of the second half of the season. Our heroes have managed to find allies in their fight against Belos and his evil plans. It is up to them now to try to get through to others to reveal the truth. Will Amity be able to get through to her parents about Belos and what he’s really up to. Do they want to be a part of the evil he is about to unleash? All that and more is addressed in this thrilling lead up to the season finale. 

Belos is putting the finishing touches on the door. The key with the Titan Blood dangles from his neck. The collector laughs and asks Belos if he’s nervous about his plans. The collector taunts Belos about how he can barely keep a human form and asks him what if the world changed since he left it all those years ago. Belos attacks the Collector, but he dodges. The Collector gloats about how excited he is to finally be free of his prison. He asks Belos to free him now, but Belos says he needs to make sure the draining spell works like the Collector promised. The two look out of the Titan head and announce that the Day of Unity is upon us. 

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Amity’s mom taunts Kikimora for her demotion, but tells her she always liked her more than the Golden Guard turncoat. Kikimora flies off. Amity, Ed and Em emerge from behind a rock. Amity is going to tell her mom about the draining spell but her siblings warn her she might not care. Amity’s dad approaches Odalia and asks why there’s so much security. Alador questions if they should pull out. Odalia says that Blights always uphold their end of the deal. She threatens him that she’ll involve the kids in the business. He walks off, disgusted. Amity thinks maybe she can get through to her dad and turns and finds herself suddenly alone. Odalia catches Amity and already has Ed and Em being held by an abomination. She proclaims Amity is grounded. 

At The CATs headquarters, Luz gets a message from Amity telling her to come quick and that she’s grounded. King brings a box of disguises for the team. Lilith is excited but Hooty isn’t going to be tricked into wearing clothes!! King offers to help since he’s a Titan but Eda cuts him off, saying that it has to stay a secret between the five of them. King looks sad. Darius calls a meeting to go over the plans. Raine begins laying out the plan of attack. The Day of Unity begins in 24 hours. Everyone with a coven sigil will be taken out by the spell since it uses the magic of the nine houses. It is channeled through the coven heads during the eclipse. Belos has replacements for the heads should they go off script. Darius states that they can’t stop the spell but they can corrupt it. Eda’s curse warps magic, so she will be key. Darius will make a commotion using his abominations and sneak her into the tower. Eda will have to tap into the spell directly and take the place of a coven head, Raine’s specifically, sigil included. She would be flanked by Darius and Eberwolf so they can keep an eye out and incur it all goes according to plan. Lilith offers to use her curse in place of Eda. Eda stops her and says she hasn’t had her curse long enough and she has to be the one to do it. 

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Luz stands outside, looking out into the distance and gets more messages from Amity. Eda, along with King, approaches and gives Luz her carved palisman. It is in the shape of an egg. Eda asks why she carved it into that shape. Luz says she got to decide what her future looked like when she chose to be a witch and she wants her palisman to have that option too. Until then she is willing to wait. So cute and clever! Luz asks Eda if she’s ready. Eda questions the coven concept again but says she knows if joining one is the best way to stop everything, then she’s going to do it. Luz is distracted looking at the messages from Amity and Eda can read her like a book. She knows Luz wants to go save her girlfriend. Luz says of course she wants to but she wants to be there for Eda too. Eda encourages her to go and that Luz, King and Eda will all see each other again after they succeed. The three bond over their pending legendary status as King The Titan, Luz the Human and Eda the Owl Lady. The three embrace.

Raine approaches the three and calls for Eda to get moving. As they leave, Luz grabs Raine’s arm and makes them promise they’ll protect Eda. Raine rallies the troops and the group hisses like cats, invoking their name. Darius still isn’t amused. 

The group heads off on their assignments. Luz and King get dropped off for security escorts. Luz objects at first until she sees Willow and Gus as her escorts. Luz questions why they aren’t hiding when Hunter comes out of the shadows. Luz is surprised to see him handling things as well as he is after everything he learned about Belos. Gus and Hunter do a special handshake and Luz is surprised they bonded. Willow tells her this is what happens when she goes missing for a week! 

Hunter pulls Luz aside and asks her not to mention that he’s a Grimwalker. He’s not sure if he’s a witch or human, but all he knows is that he’s a copy of someone that Belos made disappear. Luz is sure they’d understand the truth, but he asks if she told them she helped Philip. He begs her not to say anything. Luz slowly nods. 

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The group arrives at the Blight’s house. Gus spots a hidden guard using an illusion. Luz casts a plant spell taking him out. They run to the door but are stopped by an abomination. It grabs Luz, and King goes to help her. Hunter attacks the monster and Willow uses plant magic to destroy it. They get to Amity’s window and Luz blushes. She uses a plant spell to lift herself to her balcony. 

In the room, Amity, Ed and Em try to find a way to get through to their mom. They’ve tried different things but in the end, they realize money wins out for their mom. Amity again says that their dad would listen. Amity gets upset because she wants to make sure Luz is safe. Her mom destroyed her device so she can’t message her anymore. Em asks Amity what Luz would tell her if she were there right now. Amity knows it would be something dorky like Amity might be scared now but don’t let it stop her. As Amity goes on, Ed and Em see something and hop off the bed. Amity continues pacing the room saying she wouldn’t want the world to end before she and Luz go on a real date. Luz interrupts and proclaims she would say all of that! The two embrace and Luz promises she’ll take her on a date when this is all over. Amity kisses Luz. They both blush and can’t believe it. 

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Amity gets sad thinking about her parents helping Belos. Amity asks Luz if she’ll help tell her parents about the draining spell. Luz doesn’t hesitate. She tells her of course she’ll help. 

Raine looks worried as they watch Eda prepare for their plans. Raine asks if Eda is sure she wants to get the sigil. She will never be able to practice wild magic again if she goes through with it. Eda says she knows her curse is never going away so if she can do this to help, she’s in. Steve gives Eda her cloaking device. It won’t change her voice, so he tells her to not say too much. Raine is taken aback by how good the illusion is. Eda gets her sigil and Raine still looks conflicted. 

Kikimora arrives at the factory and is greeted by Odalia. Gus casts an illusion making the group look like guards. Luz tells King to stay and if anyone asks, he’s guarding the perimeter. King goes to object, but Luz runs off before he can get a word out. He sadly sits down. 

Suddenly, he’s pulled into the darkness and hears The Collector again. The Collector is questioning if Belos will stay true to his word. King comes back to the world and spots a trail of chips. 

In the factory, Kikimora says she’s not interested in the Blight’s dumb gadgets. Odalia goes into sales mode and suddenly Kikimora is interested in the newest abomination model. This one is specifically made just for Kikimora. She’s suddenly excited. Amity shows the group to her father’s workroom. It appears empty inside. Amity’s mom catches them snooping. Hunter improvises but Kikimora recognizes his voice. They try to run but get trapped. Gus trips, suddenly dropping their illusions and revealing their true forms. 

The other group arrives at their destination and witnesses the guards rounding up wild witches. They are being sent to the conformatorium. Eda is enraged at what she sees. 

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Alador sits on a swing, venting and eating chips. King still has the helmet on and listens. Alador knows this doesn’t feel right. He tells King he’s going to spend more time with his kids moving forward. He wants to get to know them better. King tells him there’s not going to be an “after”. Alador’s eyes bulge in shock. 

Luz and the group are locked up. Kikimora asks Odalia if her airship is ready. Ed and Em tried to steal it, but we’re caught.  Amity calls out to them. Odalia says they’ll be grounded too. Amity tries to get through to her mom, but she brushes her off again. She asks if Amity is trying to make her look bad. Luz gets angry and tells her Amity is trying to help people. Odalia tells Luz to hush. Amity lashes out, telling Odalia not to talk to her girlfriend like that. Odalia says Luz won’t do, and that she will find Amity a new girlfriend. Amity suddenly loses it, and breaks free of her abomination handcuffs. She tries to break through the bubble confinement, holding the group locked up. Kikimora approaches Hunter and says she always knew he was rotten. She says maybe Belos will make her the new Golden Guard after she hands him over. Luz comes to his defense too. Kikimora reveals she knows that the rest of her friends are at the Day of Unity. She says the Emperor has eyes everywhere. UH OH!

Luz turns to Gus and whispers a new plan to him. Amity continues trying to break the bubble when it suddenly breaks open. She questions if the power of believing in herself did it in an adorable moment. Alador enters with King in tow and reveals he did it, but says that Amity almost had it!  Alador reveals to Odalia what Belos is really up to. She doesn’t flinch. She already knew. Alador grows enraged. Odalia says they’ll live like royalty being in the Emperor’s favor in the new world. Alador says this is too much and activates the abomitrons. They encircle Odalia but she uses her magic to grab the controller from Alador.

Kikimora says she doesn’t have time for this and goes to attack the kids. She grabs Hunter and runs off. Amity used abomination magic to stop Kikimora in her tracks. Willow summons plant magic and targets kikimora. Kikimora uses Hunter as a shield and Willow stops before it hits him. Gus casts an illusion. Kikimora fires in all directions. She makes a hole in the roof and flies off with Hunter. 

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The abominations surround the kids and Alador. Amity approaches her mom and tells her she’s never speaking to her again. Odalia says what she’s doing is best for the family. Alador counters, saying that what’s best for the family is putting an end to all of this. He uses his abomination magic to destroy the robots and the factory. Odalia calls out for him to stop but he doesn’t. She drops the remote and he deactivates the rest of the robots. She tells him he’s destroying their life’s work. She goes to attack him but the kids all come to his side with their magic ready to go. He tells Odalia that quits and she storms off saying she wanted a more competent partner anyway. 

Once Odalia is gone, Alador relaxes and says that was terrifying. Amity comes to his side. Willow looks pissed and runs towards the airship. Amity calls out to her and they all chase after her. Alador offers to help provide a pilot to go rescue their friend. He also apologizes to Luz saying she’s always welcome in their house. Suddenly Luz shifted into Hunter. He apologizes, saying it all happened so fast he didn’t even realize what was happening until she was gone. Gus drops his arms, exhausted. He reveals Luz wanted to protect them and Eda, and came up with the plan on the fly. 

Kikimora flies towards the Day of Unity with “Hunter” locked away. Luz’s real form suddenly appears. She’s flying right to Belos. The usual end credits do not play. Instead, the scene continues with Luz on board the ship, heading right towards Belos, credit rolling over the continuing scene, as eerie silence plays in the background.

Wow. That’s how you lead into a season finale! Lots to unpack from this episode! First and foremost, Luz has gone rogue! She knows their plans are all ruined now, so she needs to improvise, and fast, if she wants to protect the rest of the CATs heading into a trap. She wants to protect Eda and her friends all at the same time. Sacrificing herself in the form of Hunter saved him from the wrath of Belos for now. It also gives them an upper hand since Belos won’t know what is going on now with the rest of the kids.

Raine seems very protective of Eda still. They didn’t want Eda to have to give up what she believes in even though it’s the best shot they have at stopping Belos. Eda is alright with the plan as long as in the end, they can stop Belos. They don’t know they’re walking into a trap now, so hopefully Luz can fill them in before it is too late!

Odalia is such an evil person. The way she treated her kids, her husband and Luz was despicable. She is so blinded by power that she thinks everything she is doing is in the best interest of those she loves, even if they can’t understand it. The vile things she said, the way she treated Luz when she found out they were dating, and everything else was so hard to watch. There’s no rationalizing anything she did. Amity will not forgive her for what she has done. At least we now have Alador on the side of good!

It was interesting how The Collector and Belos’ fates are so intertwined. They both need things from one another. If one side fails, the other does too. I’m scared to find out what the Collectors true plans are. Its fascinating how King is continually able to tap into the Collector’s thoughts, even though he doesn’t know how to control it. The two are connected in a way we don’t know yet. 

I loved the way the kids all had each others backs in their plans to save Amity, and then in the fight in the factory. The stances they all took to defend Alador was epic! The way they all stepped up was truly impressive. Plus, the moment Amity saw Luz was there to rescue here was precious. Their kiss was emotional, and their plans for the future were so sweet. They’re so cute together and have really brought out the best in each other.

The plans are all laid now for the Day of Unity. I’m scared, excited, nervous and thrilled to see what they throw at us in the season finale. I can’t believe we’re finally here. Season two has been such a phenomenal ride so far! It’s such a shame season three is an abbreviated one with multiple specials. It truly deserves more time and episodes to lay out the story it wants to tell. They’ve done wonders so far, so I have such high hopes that the finale and final season will be nothing less than epic!

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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