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'Homeland' Review: "I'll Fly Away"


Last week’s Homeland had Carrie and Brody making out in the woods, Dana coming clean about the hit and run and later on, Carrie talking Brody out of letting Dana talk to the cops about it or their deal would be off.

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This week on the homeland security soap opera, let’s begin with the teenage drama. Back in season 1, I really thought Dana was just going to be the annoying, nosey daughter but this season he character grew a lot and I really like what they are doing with her. The hit and run plot is stretching a little too long and I’d rather see her blurting out information she shouldn’t, to people she shouldn’t a little more, and that’s what I got this week!

I’m thinking that now that she saw the woman’s daughter and now that she knows the girl is getting paid off to keep quiet about the hit and run, that particular plot will go away for the most part (I’m okay with her yelling at Finn about it some more, though). But I did enjoy her talks with Jess, even though I can’t stand the woman. It was nice to see Dana being mature and having honest conversations with her mom that didn’t end with them yelling at the other.

I also respect her for going to Mike. I feel bad for him, he seems like a genuinely nice guy (if a little slow) who is trying to do the right thing but is basically being told to STFU. I mean, yes, if he kept looking into things he’d screw up the whole entire plot, but he tries so hard. And I think with him, it goes way beyond his feelings for Jess, I think he really does want to do the right thing, he’s just that naive. Just like Dana. So I appreciated their interaction and I appreciated them helping each other because they are kind of in parallel situations right now. I hope we get to see them realize that in the future, or have Dana help him realize it, before they get to Brody stages of crazy.

Speaking of Brody, it was good to see him finally breaking. Ever since the beginning of the season he’s being pulled in three hundred different directions and then being a double agent and having to play all the people in his life one way or the other, on top of already being super messed up thanks to the war and everything he went through. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. But once again, super Carrie to the rescue!

I don’t buy it for one second that she is just doing her job, that she is just trying to protect Brody because he is their only asset. She still has feelings for him, which makes me both want to shake her and hug her. Her life is already messed up as is, she doesn’t need to be involved with a married man, let alone a terrorist. Besides, Peter is right there and he’s so cute! Still, she’s damn good at her job (and I want to kill Estes every time he tries to hint otherwise) and I’m glad at least Saul seems to be there to make sure people listen to her when they think she’s just being unbalanced or whatever (speaking of listening, that has got to be the most awkward sex scene ever, and I’ve seen Watchmen.) Sure, it makes me incredibly nervous when she goes off script, but she’s always right!

I also think Brody may play it off like he doesn’t really care but I do think he’s a lot more involved with Carrie than he’d like to be. But relationship stuff aside, he is also in a whole lot of trouble. Roya is obviously on to him, when she took off the battery from his phone I knew shit was going down, I still don’t know if I hate Roya or if I like her. I mean, she is obviously one of the bad guys and I’m team Carrie, but you have got to give it to her for being HBIC.

Aaand then there is Nazir. I’m still completely confused by how the hell they managed to get a known terrorist into an airplane, let alone the country (I assume they are still in the US, the only hint we have that they are is a ‘no smoking’ sign in the building). A man that the CIA knows is planning an attack against the US, so I was definitely not expecting it to be him. Possible massive plothole aside, it will be very interesting to see how Brody deals with being around Nazir again. Not that he has much of a choice, either he plays terrorist, or he’s dead anyway. 

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