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'Days of our Lives' Teasers: November 26 & December 3 Edition


Next week on “Days of our Lives,” the more things change, the more they stay the same. Nicole comes face to face with Jennifer; Brady hears more than he should, Rafe learns EJ is Sami’s new boss and more!


Nicole musters up the courage to face Jennifer. Will Jen be receptive to what Nicole has to say? Later, Jennifer offers Daniel hope for his tremors.

EJ may not be on a quest for vengeance, but that doesn’t mean can’t encourage others to. EJ encourages Chad to find a way to get back at Gabi and make her pay for what she did to Melanie.

Rafe shows up to Sami’s offers with flowers and is shocked to learn EJ is now her new boss. Needless to say, Rafe isn’t pleased with this new development.

It’s clear that Stefano still has feelings for Kate.

Marlena confides in Eric about Kristen, and later discovers something shocking when she breaks into her hotel room.

Eric fears Caroline is not as well as she claims.

Brady overhears more than he bargained for when he eavesdrops on Kristen and Father Tobias.

Chad warns Sonny of Will’s close relationship with Gabi.

Daniel receives shocking news.


Will discusses his sexuality with Eric. How will the now religious Eric react? Daniel learns about the results of his treatments. Nick and Gabi Make plans for the baby. Sami & EJ visit Eric at the rectory. Brady and Kristen talk about their relationship. Jennifer requires emergency medical attention. John walks in on a conversation between Kristen and Marlena. [Copied from]


Look for these two to hit the sheets, and no it’s not who you think (no not them either). [Copied from]

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