'General Hospital' Teasers: November 26 Edition

Next week on “General Hospital,” the Quartermaines deal with the aftermath of Edward’s death. A bombshell is dropped during the reading of Edward’s will! Skye (guest star Robin Christopher) has a run-in with old nemeses Carly AND Blair Cramer (guest star Kassie DePaiva)! Also: A plan for the Nurses’ Ball begins to materialize.


Sam witnesses an awkward exchange between Maxie and Spinelli.

Molly reveals that she’s writing a novel.

Tracy is shocked when Edward’s will is read.

Johnny witnesses Duke’s strange behavior and makes him promise to keep it from Anna.

AJ makes a confession to Skye.

Maxie makes a very generous offer to Dante and Lulu.

Carly has a violent run-in with Skye.

Sonny attempts to romance Connie.

Michael defends Sonny to AJ.

The old animosity between Skye and Todd has not diminished with time.

Spinelli has some explaining to do to Ellie.

Someone’s identity is called into question.      

Robert hangs out at the Haunted star and takes the opportunity to needle Duke.

Liz and Sabrina meet with Patrick and Steve to discuss the Nurses’ Ball project.

Will a passionate argument between Alexis and Shawn change their relationship?


Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) returns to Port Charles. Scheming is abound within the Quartermaine family.

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