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Lindsey Morgan

In part two of our exclusive interview, Lindsey Morgan (Kristina, GH) explains why Kristina fell so hard for Trey, Kristina’s relationship with her sisters and being intimidated by executive producer Frank Valentini.

Lindsey MorganIn part two of our exclusive interview, Lindsey Morgan (Kristina, GH) explains why Kristina fell so hard for Trey, Kristina’s relationship with her sisters and being intimidated by executive producer Frank Valentini.

TVSource Magazine: Let’s talk about Trey.
Morgan: Ah Trey…[Laughs]

TVSource Magazine: He’s been a very interesting development in Kristina’s life.
Morgan: Yes, he has…

TVSource Magazine: What was it about Trey that attracted Kristina to him?
Morgan: I would definitely say he’s easy on the eyes [Laughs], so that helps.

TVSource Magazine: Yes he is.
Morgan: And I’d also say he’s different from every guy she’s liked or dated. He’s different from Keifer, different from Ethan. Also, the fact that he was interested in her, for her, and like, her story. He saw her; when they met in the diner and she was humiliated and no one spoke to her because they thought she was a freak, he was the only one who did. In her time of need, he was there and genuinely saw her life as something positive instead of the negative. I think that really touched her. Then he’s hot, so that doesn’t hurt. [Laughs]Even when he was playing her, and he obviously did play her – he was probably the person that showered her with the most attention. She took that as ‘he’s so together, he’s interested in my life and I’m his muse, I’m in his star.’ That meant a lot her, especially after being with guys who never treated her that way or never really seemed to care about her.

TVSource Magazine: So he said and did all the right things?
Morgan: Yeah, well except for the lie. [Laughs] He played it good.

TVSource Magazine: Given that Kristina is Sonny’s child and he’s not known for forgiving people for their betrayal; hell, even Alexis can hold a grudge. Is there any chance of Kristina forgiving Trey? 
 [Exhales] You know I almost want to say yes. Trey was, as crazy as he was and as crazy as their relationship was, he really was the realest love she’d had. She still feels it. I mean, he shot his own father to protect her in the end. So he did make the right decision in the end, but it took him a while. I think right now she’s just so hurt by it and just so in shock. I could see if like it was ‘never again, we’ll be perfect together’ and whatnot. But I could see her forgiving him, but knowing her it would take a while. And take lots of flowers and candy.

TVSource Magazine: Do you think Kristina is the type of person who would try to make Trey jealous?
Morgan: Jealous? Oh god, yes, oh yeah. I mean if he’s like extremely nicer and there’s no new guys coming to Port Charles, they could get back together. [Laughs] I think Kristina has a vengeful spirit in her. Right now she’s too hurt to do anything spiteful. If he all of a sudden did this to Kristina and then started going after Starr, then oh no, the gloves are off.

TVSource Magazine: That would be a gigantic problem
Morgan: That would be a BIG problem. Kristina would not take it lying down. [Laughs]

TVSource Magazine: How would you describe Kristina’s relationship with her sisters?
Morgan: With Sam – Sam is kind of her idol. Everything Sam does is so cool. She wants to grow up and be like her. She thinks Sam is great and strong and beautiful and loving. She takes care of the family and always has her stuff together. She’s blazed her own trail in her life and is independent. Kristina really looks up to her and loves her totally. Molly’s a little annoying to Kristina. [Laughs] But she loves Molly’s spirit. She and Molly have a lot of fun together, even though in front of other people, Kristina’s like ‘she’s not cool.’ She thinks Molly is smart and Molly’s at that age where she’s starting to borrow Kristina’s makeup and ask her about boys. I think they’re really going to start bonding really soon with that, the older Molly becomes.

TVSource Magazine: It’s interesting the way Molly’s perspective about what love is and how she romanticizes it. Kristina kind of rolls her eyes when she says it, but there’s a part of her that buys into it, right?
Morgan: Definitely. She has a hard front, but she’s a softie. At her core, she can be strong when she needs to be, but she’s definitely a romantic and idealizes a lot of things. Sam is her perfect older sister who can do no wrong, so it’s like, ‘Yeah, Sam you’re supposed to have the happy ever after ending because you’re Sam.’ [Laughs] Jason’s always been a part of her life. She sees how much they love each other.

I think a big part of why she feels that way is because Alexis and Sonny were never together. It means a lot to her – the marriage and the commitment. So when Trey asked her to marry him, it was a really big decision for her because she took it very seriously. She also follows her heart more than her head, so she made that sacrifice for him because she thought she loved him.

TVSource Magazine: You’ve been on the show six months now. What’s it like working with Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini?
Morgan: I have only met Ron once and it was really brief. It was recent and brief. He lives in New York so he was down here in LA and he was on crutches because he hurt his Achilles tendon. So everyone was like ‘Oh my god! What happened to you?’ That was the first time I got to meet him. It was great. I’m a big fan of his writing. It’s romantic and strong, but then it also has really funny quips every now and then. Sometimes they get taken out, but he’s a pretty funny guy.

Frank scared me in the beginning. [Laughs]He was extremely intimidating in the beginning. He’d come and watch my scenes like a hawk when I started out and I was unbelievably afraid of him. I was also extremely grateful for him and loved when he was on set watching because he has this great eye and knows what’ll make the scene pop. There’s times we’re doing and it it’s already been blocked and the director’s already directed it and he’ll decide to change the whole thing. Then we’ll do it and it’s like 100 times better and it’s like I didn’t even think of it that way. So now I’m less afraid of him, but I definitely, I always want to make him proud. I know how talented he is. A compliment from Frank is like a big deal. This is my goal for Frank to be like ‘good’.

TVSource Magazine: Has Frank ever given you the direction you needed when you felt a scene was too challenging or didn’t know how to play it?
Morgan: Yeah. For the scenes when I had to talk about Keifer, my original thought was, and Bill Ludel the director agreed with me when we were blocking, that Kristina would be very ashamed of it and felt very damaged because of it. That’s very interesting.

It goes from me full make up one scene and in the second scene all the make up’s cried off. Basically what happened is we were shooting it like that and that’s what I was going for, the shame, and Frank kept making us do it again and again. Finally he stepped in and said ‘Lindsey, it’s not working for me. I don’t think she’s ashamed. I think even though it was a very scary experience, there’s strength to it. And a strength to her. And she’s bearing her scars and it’s not that she’s proud, but it’s her.’

I didn’t even think about that — to be strong about it. So that’s what we did for the rest of the scene. It was a very interesting new take, but I liked it more because it wasn’t Kristina sitting there, feeling sorry for herself. It was Kristina being like, asserting herself and I think that’s who Kristina really is. She has her vulnerable moments but that’s who she is, she’s assertive and strong.

TVSource Magazine: So what now? The Trey drama is over, but her family’s sort of in crisis.
Morgan: There’s always a crisis with her family. It’s why the happiness never lasts for long.

TVSource Magazine:  Where does she go personally and professionally? She needs a job.
Morgan: Right? I’m like what do I do all day? Hang out at the lake? It’s like ‘Don’t mind me; I’m just a college dropout.’ [Laughs]Like what? Your guess is as good as mine. Ever since the crazy hostage mess and then we shot some scenes with Sam and Daniel, I’ve been off work. I don’t even go back to work until next Friday. I’m like in crazy anticipation being like ‘what’s gonnna happen to me next?’ I just really hope I’m not pregnant. Like…

TVSource Magazine: I hope not either.
Morgan: I know. That belly really doesn’t look great on everyone.

Coming in the final part of our interview, Lindsey previews her upcoming film Chastity Bites, newfound interest in dancing, and does some fun word association.

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