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'Homeland' Review: 'Two Hats'


After Homeland’s shocking ending last week, with Brody being taken to Nazir after sleeping with Carrie, this week’s episode was one of the best ones this season yet, and they’ve had some really good episodes so far already. Looks like Homeland is trying to earn another handful of Emmys next year.

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If you are easily confused (or weren’t paying close enough attention), you might need to watch this episode a couple of times because it is going to give your brain knots. At least, it did mine, but in a very good way.

Okay, main plot first. Brody and his BFF Nazir. They caught up and talked about how Brody needs to stay on his team and help him with the next attack, when Brody said he didn’t want to hurt people, Nazir threatened his family and then forced Brody to pray with him before letting Brody go. Just like that. Sounds a little fishy to me that Nazir would just let him run back to the CIA so I’m back to not trusting Brody.

Once he got out, he called Carrie, told her to take his family to a safe place and then met up with her. She took him back to the surveillance house and he was questioned by Peter, Saul and David. Meanwhile, Carrie sent none other than Mike to take care of Brody’s family and take them to a safehouse, since it had to be someone they knew not to look suspicious. Whether or not Carrie picked Mike so he would sleep with Jess and leave Brody for her isn’t clear (but that’s exactly what happened because Jess is a slut). Anyway, Brody tells them about an attack the following day, and that Roya is the one leading it.

Meanwhile, Max and Virgil are doing a side work with Saul. They are investigating Peter Quinn, because they don’t know where the hell he came from and they don’t know if they can trust him. They break into his apartment and find it’s mostly empty, guy kinda lives like a terrorist, really. All his things are packed so he can up and go at any second and the only thing he has that makes him look mildly human is the picture of a woman with a baby. John Jr. Because Peter’s real name is John. So Saul goes and questions the woman, pretending he’s IRS, and Virgil listens to the call she makes to Peter AKA John after he leaves. It sucks he has a wife and kids because I’d totally ship him and Carrie.

After the call, they follow Peter (I’ll keep calling him that because I like that name better) and see him meet up with Estes’ boss in a bus, apparently to tell him what’s up with the IRS questioning his… wife, girlfriend, baby mama or whatever she is. When Saul questions Estes about this, he says that Peter is wearing two hats (yay episode name reference!) and that he is there to kill terrorists. And by terrorists apparently he means Brody because they have Peter play driver when he is really there to kill Brody. But since they didn’t catch Nazir, they still need him so Estes tells him to abort the plan. I guess I can see why they’d want to kill Brody, since like I said above, I don’t trust him either, but technically he’s been true to his word and so far he hasn’t really committed any terrorist acts because he chickened out last season with the bomb.

Besides, apparently the information he brought in from Nazir was true. The CIA managed to intervene on the terrorist attack Nazir was planning and that was being led by Roya, and they caught all of the people involved in it too! Go team CIA! Of course they managed to get this done because, once again, Carrie was right. When is she getting reinstated again? Because this woman should be head of the freaking CIA by now.

This whole spy vs spy game is not gonna end well, between Estes and Peter Vs. Carrie and Saul and Brody jumping sides every five minutes, something is gonna go wrong, honestly, so far it’s been way too easy to track down Nazir (mostly because Carrie is a genius but still.)

Now, one question that pretty much every character has ask, and that I asked last week and no one gave me answer still is: How the hell did Nazir get in the country!? Seriously, I feel more justified that half the CIA is asking the same question but I wanna know the answer! Give me some pretty little flashbacks like you did when Brody was telling his story, I’m totally okay with that.

Only three more episodes to go, I’m not ready to have to wait a year for all new Homeland. 

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