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'Dexter' Review: 'Helter Skelter'


Well, after last week’s awkward incestuous love admission by Deb on Dexter, very little else that happened made as big an impression. That is, other than stupid LaGuerta still looking into the Butcher case because she just can’t seem to let it go.

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So, this was an… interesting episode, not bad overall, but it felt a little choppy? Like they didn’t know what the overall theme was gonna be but they needed all these things to happen and so they just kinda threw them together. I was sad that Cody and Astor were already gone though (and apparently Jaime is more of Dexter’s driver than nanny since she’s the one who took the kids back to Orlando, but whatever.)

With only three episodes left in the season, a new killer is introduced, they are calling him “The Phantom”, which the theater geek in me loves. Apparently he kills with fire, one of his victims was killed in a car, another in an elevator, both looked like suicides but not so much. What they can’t figure out is how he is doing it, since anyone close to that fire would have burned to death too. It seems a little too early in the season to introduce next season’s killer, but I guess it is possible that they will drag it out and move the investigation slowly.

Or not, since Isaak’s storyline wrapped up this episode. Apparently the Brotherhood still wanted him dead so they sent two more, very deadly killers after him. With nowhere else to turn, he went to Dexter for help since he needed the element of surprise to go against these guys. Dex told him to F off, so Isaak kidnapped Hannah and went back to Dexter. Since he didn’t have much of a choice, Dexter agreed to help him and they’d call it truce (but Dex was still planning on killing Isaak after, he just didn’t want anyone else to kill him). So Dexter takes out the first guy without a problem. When it’d time to take the second guy, who is already stalking Dexter because he knows Isaak is after him, he lures him to the docks and Isaak meets up with him there.

They kill guy number two and to Dexter’s surprise, he realizes that Isaak is actually gonna stay true to his word and not kill him. So he decides to let Isaak go because hey, maybe they have some stuff in common and stuff. Honor between killers, I guess. Except, just as Isaak is leaving, that little bitch George shows up and shoots him. Dex wants to take his new BFF to a hospital but Isaak says it’s not going to matter, and asks him to dump his body where Viktor’s is so they can be together. I liked Isaak quite a bit this episode, he was very human and I wish they had given him and Dexter a little more time to be buddies before killing him off. They have a nice little talk about how Viktor/Hannah make them feel alive and Isaak is gone.

During all this time, Hannah is being watched by Isaak’s bodyguard. He is keeping her in one of the dead Colombian’s houses and feeding her cornflakes because it’s the only thing in the pantry. She eventually talks him into grabbing some tomatoes from the garden so she can make him fried green tomatoes. Since she doesn’t have any poison, she adds a ton of pepper to it and he chokes, so she takes the opportunity to knock him over. There is struggle, he stabs her, she hits him over the head with a lamp and they both end up unconscious on the floor in a pool of their own blood. Fun times were had by all.

On the Deb and Dex front, he tried to tell her that what she felt was normal (says the serial killer who talks to his dead father), that they were the only two constant thing in each other’s lives that they are the only survivals in their family and that makes Deb feel slightly better. Still, doesn’t stop her from getting pissed off at him when he asks her to pull the surveillance on Isaak because he has to help him to save Hannah. Or when she had to be the one to go to the Colombian’s house and find Hannah bleeding out but still alive and has to get her an ambulance. But Deb still does it, because she’s awesome. She’s even more awesome for giving Hannah shit when she goes see her at the hospital. Deb didn’t hold back from telling her she knew it wasn’t the first time Hannah murdered someone. I still don’t trust Hannah. When Dexter was telling her at the end that he trusted her, the look on her face was kind of a “you’re getting too attached and I’m going to have to kill you” look. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I guess we will see.

Oh yeah, there’s also Quinn, who decided to beat up George for having sex with his stripper and with that probably bought his own death sentence. Hopefully. He is so completely useless.

Lastly, there is LaGuerta. Again. Who is getting on my freaking nerves with her trying to prove Doakes’ innocence. She’s working with Tom Matthews now, the one she backstabbed to get his job at Miami Metro. I’m really hoping he backstabs her with this instead of actually giving her information, but I guess we will see. At this point, she is flying way under the radar and I can’t imagine this ending well for her. Or maybe that’s just me hoping she will be end up in Dexter’s table sooner rather than later.

Let’s all hope things aren’t as… all over the place next week, shall we?

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