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‘Nashville’ Winter Finale Preview: "Where He Leads Me"



Just when you think things couldn’t get more complicated for our favorite country crooners, they do. The winter finale will leave you counting down the days until the show returns after the holidays. 

The winter finale is the culmination of everything that has happened to the characters so far this season. Feelings, choices, indecisions, and secrets reach a boiling point – albeit a slow and steady one. This show isn’t big on major twists and turns. It’s more subtle and the winter finale follows a similar direction, bringing things to a head and providing a great jumping off point for when the show returns early next year.

Rayna and Juliette’s duet is a major success.

Rayna uses the success of the duet to record the album she wants to record. Meanwhile, it does help clean up Juliette’s image a tiny bit, but not as much as she hoped. The record label is pleased though and makes another offer on the Rayna James and Juliette Barnes tour. Will the women agree?

Gunnar confesses his feelings to Scarlett while Avery contemplates selling out even further.

Wyclef Jean’s character is very interested in signing Avery, but with a major stipulation that would require Avery to sellout even further than he already has. Meanwhile, Gunnar lets Scarlett knows how he feels, and her reaction isn’t quite what you’d expect. If you’re an Avery and Scarlett fan, no worries, the two share a tenderhearted scene. And if you’re a fan of Gunnar and Scarlett, then his confession will make you jump up and down.

Gunnar and Scarlett also debut a new song this week that’s so beautiful it must be touched by country goddesses. It’s about the moment when the right one comes along and you’ll be all giddy and tingly while listening to it.

Deacon gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Some old musician pals and members of the band, Rebel Kings, invite Deacon out on tour with them. He’s on the fence about joining, but conversations with Rayna and Juliette put things into perspective. Will Deacon be leaving town to jump on a bus for a while?

Coleman publishes the photos of Teddy and Peggy.

Teddy’s choices will have a lasting impact on the women in his life. When Rayna is convinced of an affair, he’s forced to come clean about why he and Peggy were meeting. She’s disgusted and calls him out on his lawbreaking ways. The desperation to maintain his place in the running for Mayor causes Teddy to send one of the two women reeling in a way that cannot be taken back. Will he feel the repercussions or sweep it under the rug like everything else?

Juliette meets Sean’s family.

When you’re a good, old-fashioned southern virgin, the most polite thing to do after dating a girl is bring her home to your family – or in Sean’s case, church. Don’t worry. The roof didn’t cave in when Juliette arrived. She even sang a lil’ gospel number for the church goers. Despite what appears to be a warm welcome, Juliette isn’t completely accepted by Sean’s family. Combine this with Deacon admitting he’s been visiting her mother and has a letter from her, and you’re bound to get a reeling Juliette. Their brief conversation provides a further glimpse into Juliette’s past and the extent of abuse she received while living in her mother’s home. Is this what drives her to the decision that will have your mouth hanging open in the show’s final seconds? I guarantee that this scene will have you wish you could fast-forward to next month, so you can see the out come.

‘Nashville’s’ episode “Where He Leads Me” airs Wednesday, December 5 at 10 PM on ABC. 

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