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‘Dexter’ Review: “The Dark… Whatever”


With Viktor’s death last week, we pretty much got rid of the Russian mafia subplot on Dexter, (unless you count Quinn and his stripper girlfriend, which I don’t), and we also got introduced to the Phantom killer, whom I erroneously guessed would be next season’s big bad. And my being wrong was just one of the big surprises on this week’s episode.

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First of all, let me start this review by saying that this was one of the most interesting episodes this season so far. While I love Dexter and the performances have been amazing by the actors, the whole russian mob/Quinn storylines in the earlier half of the season were pretty boring. But I don’t know if I enjoyed this episode more because of the episode itself, or because I was having fun calling Hannah’s dad ‘Bobby’ (the name of the character the actor played on Supernatural) the whole time.

Starting with the least interesting part of all: Quinn shot and killed George and freed his girlfriend in the process, thus, hopefully getting rid all shreds of the Russian mafia plot for good, hooray! Let’s pretend that never happened.

Deb had a lot less screentime than usual this week, which kind of sucks, but she seems set on going after Hannah McKay still and I don’t blame her there. Like I said last week, I don’t completely trust Hannah, even if I like her. But she seems to have a way of doing whatever it takes to get things her way and if Deb ends up standing in the way of her and Dexter and Hannah wants to come after Deb? Hm. No. But I guess we will see where that goes.

LaGuerta still has a death wish and I’m really hoping her wishes come true sooner rather than later, but if the Tom guy is the one leading the investigation now, he might become the target. Although, I think he might know more than he is letting on, maybe he knew Harrison back in the day and knows about this? I don’t know, but I’m curious to see what direction his conversation with Dexter takes and what he does with the information.

Dex was a judgmental ass and accused the geeky LARPer of being the arsonist just because he is weird (like the guy who keeps mentioning his Dark Passenger can talk, just saying), but he eventually worked his Dexter magic and caught the real guy. He was good though and he called in the cops with an anonymous tip, even if it was kind of anti-climatic, at least Deb was able to tell it was Dexter’s work and she got the credit for catching the dude.

And then there was Bobby! Well, Bobby (the character was actually called Clinton but I don’t care) is Hannah’s asshole father who nearly drowned her and left her in a motel room for three days while he was playing poker in a tournament. He shows back up to tell her he’s sorry for everything and that he is trying to be a better man. Also, he wants 20k so he can do that. Hannah tells him no, so he threatens, verbally abuses her, you know, the usual. Dexter tells him to back off, which he does. But then Bobby makes a big mistake: he tries to blackmail Dexter.

Apparently he was the one feeding Sal all the information on Hannah for his book to begin with and he has proof that Hannah poisoned her halfway house counselor and that her roommate at the time, Arlene Schram saw it. If Bobby doesn’t get his money, he will tell the cops. So Bobby gets a ride in Dexter’s boat, wrapped in plastic of course.  But before Bobby gets his one-way trip to the bottom of the ocean, he says “you have the devil in you, boy!” to Dexter. Just to make Supernatural fangirls happy.

Like I said at the beginning, I overall enjoyed this episode, but one thing really pissed me off: Can we not use normal iPhone screens, guys? That weird blue stuff with the New Times Roman font is not only hard to read, but it’s ugly and pulls me out of the show every single time! Seriously, if you’re going to do a detail shot of the screen and you need a bigger font, at least make it look legit? Thanks.

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