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‘Homeland’ Review: “Broken Hearts”


Last week we found out that Estes and Peter (who isn’t Peter) are working together behind Saul and Carrie’s back to kill Brody once they get Nazir. You know, just another heart attack inducing Homeland episode, no big deal.

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This week was no different, starting with Carrie’s damn car accident. I jumped. I really didn’t expect Nazir to actually kidnap her, but that was pretty intense. His talk with Carrie kind of felt like the talk the villain usually had with the hero toward the end of the movie, you know, right before the good guys come in and the hero who was being held hostage takes down the villain when he is distracted. So I’m glad that wasn’t what happened.

I liked that Nazir chose Carrie to get to Brody, though. I mean, we all knew she wasn’t going to die, but it was interesting to see if Brody was going to go through and do whatever he needed to keep her alive because while I believe she has feelings for him, I always feel like he’s playing her. Well if the terrorist believes he’s in love with Carrie enough to use her for his master plan, then there must be something there.

I still can’t stand Jess, but considering the tiny talk she and Brody had, I’m guessing it will be over with them soon. Maybe it’s just me being hopeful, but I guess we will see. Either way, looming terrorist attack and all, I’m guessing this won’t be resolved this season.

Estes and Peter got owned by Saul, as they should, but I still like the whole spy vs. spy thing. I’m really interested to see where they are going with this, especially since it was ordered from a higher up.

Back to the terrorist, I thought his reasons for being a terrorist were interesting. I mean, it’s easy to see the bad guy who crashes the plane, but he did have a point with the bombings like the one that killed his son. Of course I still believe Nazir is pure evil and deserves to die, I thought that was a nice touch. And while I expected Carrie would get out eventually, I didn’t expect him to actually keep his word and let her go, that made me think maybe there is a real connection between him and Brody after all.

Oh, yeah and then the VP of the US died. That was fun. I had no doubt that Brody would go through with the code thing once he knew Carrie was out because he wanted nothing more than to see the guy dead all along. He’s the reason he agreed to play terrorist in the first place and now it’s done. Should be interesting to see how Brody reacts now that his mission is technically accomplished.

All in all, it was definitely an interesting episode. There wasn’t a lot of development but considering we only have two episodes left, this was a finale build up. Next week is going to be tense!

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