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'Dexter' Review: "Do You See What I See?"


Well, last week on Dexter he was happy in his relationship with Hannah, but Deb was less than happy about that. Meanwhile, Tom had LaGuerta agreeing to let him talk to Dexter and then this week? Sh*t got real.

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The episode started up with Dexter daydreaming about his future with Hannah. He had gray hair, and she had wrinkles and Harrison was a teenager. They were happy and anyone who has ever watched anything on TV would know that that was a kiss of death to that future. At least for now, anyway.

Relationships and trust were very much the theme for this week’s episode. While Dexter wanted to play house and have a nice Christmas (eve) with Hannah and Harrison, Deb was out, going after Arlene to try and get a confession out of her and throw Hannah behind bars.

While I will always and forever deny the fact that the incestuous subplot between Deb and Dexter ever existed, I do like the fact that Deb is still willing to do whatever it takes to protect him. I will just keep believing she is doing that because he is her brother and pretty much her only family aside from Harrison. That should be reason enough, honestly.

Like I’ve been saying for a few weeks now, I don’t trust Hannah either and it wasn’t so much that I thought she’d hurt Dex, but I did think it was very much likely that she would hurt Deb or even Harrison because they were in their way. So the second Batista told Dexter that Deb was in an accident, I knew Hannah was to blame. Sure, they technically haven’t been able to prove that she was the one who did it, there is no way it wouldn’t have been her. Unless it was Arlene and even then, Hannah would have been involved.

Now, I do believe she didn’t mean to fail, like she told Dexter. I think she was banking on having Deb drink the whole thing and die. And then I would have been really pissed because while I like Hannah, Deb is still way better.

I am glad that Dexter didn’t choose to ignore the evidence though and gave Deb the pen that proved Sal was poisoned so she could get Hannah arrested. Especially considering everything Deb has been doing for him this season. And speaking of that, she kind of saved the day. Again.

LaGuerta is still being a bitch. Even though Tom talked to Dexter and Dexter lead him to some evidence Deb planted for him to get them off his trail and prove that Doakes had a boat too, she still refuses to believe Doakes was a murderer. She’s right in that he wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher but let it go already!

But nope, she’s not going to. In her trying to frame Dexter, or catch him anyways, she has managed to release his mother’s murderer in hopes Dexter would come for him. It worked, of course, except lucky for Dexter, Hector was dumb (or maybe smart?) enough to mention LaGuerta before Dex did any real damage. And even luckier, Dexter is really smart and managed to get away from LaGuerta and her men when they came to try and find him after following Hector to the location, but he lost Hector on the way and now the man knows his name, so that doesn’t look good either.

Overall, Dexter had a Charlie Brown Christmas: his sister was in a car accident, his girlfriend got arrested and the man he has been wanting to kill since he was three escaped. If that wasn’t enough, some crazy bitch is still trying to throw him in jail.

Somehow, I don’t think things will get much better next week, in the season finale. Guess we’ll see.

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