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'Homeland' Review: "The Motherf**ker with a Turban"


So, last week on Homeland Carrie was let go by Nazir after Brody kept his promise and helped him kill the VP of the United States. No big deal, right? She also managed to put in a call to Saul to let him know what was happening and then ran right back into Nazir’s hideout, because you know, trying to take down a terrorist while unarmed is the way to go, right?

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Hm, so… that happened. I didn’t actually expect them to do it. Not yet anyway. But I guess they had to kill Nazir once he managed to get in the country.  I really liked the leading up to it, first Carrie thinking Danny had helped him escape and then after interrogating Roya (which, by the way, was awesome and then I wanted to kick Roya in the face for being a bitch, but I guess that’s true to her character) having the realization that Nazir hadn’t run anywhere and despite the trauma and probably pain she was feeling, going back in there with the team.

The part with the tunnels was pretty damn freaky, especially after the FBI dude that was with Carrie was killed. When she ran away, calling for help, it felt like Nazir was a big scary monster under her bed, except he was way scarier because he is very much real. And people like him exist and all that. I was creeped out. But then, when they actually found him and then they just… killed him? That felt a bit anti-climatic. I guess I was hoping for a Carrie/Nazir interrogation.

Brody’s reaction to Nazir being dead was interesting. I couldn’t tell if he was crying out of relief or if he was upset like he’d just lost a friend. Maybe it was a little bit of both, I mean, it’s no secret how much he got to Brody. Besides, Brody is a creeper. I did like that he and Jess finally made their break up official, though because that was dragging a lot. And Dana has a point that Mike is way better for all of them than Brody is.

And of course that leaves Brody free for Carrie, and she invites him into her home the instant he shows up and that is bad. First of, there is absolutely no way this will end well for her, and secondly, I still don’t buy Brody’s supposed love for Carrie that both Jess and Nazir mentioned. I think she’s just convenient, and while she seems to trust him completely, he seems to pretend he trusts her when it’s in best interest. I don’t care how smooth his little speech about her and Walden was.

Then there is Estes, I hate him more and more every passing episode and I’m glad Saul is on my side on this. I mean, I get the whole “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” thing, but Brody did do everything he said he would and even though Estes doesn’t know this, he did save Carrie’s life. Besides, he is the one ordering Peter to kill Brody and if he does that, there is zero chance for Peter and Carrie! I really don’t think Peter is a bad guy and I do think he cares about her, but he’s a soldier, he will take orders and follow through with them blindly and without questioning. I wish he would question and tell Estes that they need to back off, but I guess not doing that is part of what makes him so interesting.

Anyway, back to Estes, he’s an asshole and I want him gone. I mean, give Carrie her damn job back already! She only captured a wanted terrorist for you! And from his little chat with her by Nazir’s body, he is going to take full credit for the operation. It particularly bothered me when he said she’d always had a good sixth sense about Nazir, like that is the only case she was fit to work? Ugh!

It should be interesting to see how things work out between Saul and Estes next week with this whole must kill Brody agenda. Of course, next week is the finale and there is so much I still want to know about the show! I don’t want it to end… I most definitely don’t want to have to wait about ten months before season three! My birthday is in April, Showtime, how about an early release on the next season? 

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