'General Hospital' Teasers: December 17 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, lives hang in the balance as Anna and Robert continue their adventure in Switzerland. Also: Patrick is reminded of his love for Robin; AJ and Tracy continue their scheme to woo Sam; Lucy Coe returns to town and the residents of Port Charles prepare for Christmas.


Things take an unexpected turn in Switzerland.

Is former vampire slayer Lucy Coe the answer to resurrecting the Nurses’ Ball?

Robin urges Patrick to move on with someone else.

AJ mocks Sonny for being so predictable.

Alexis is shocked when she reads Molly’s book.

Todd and Connie are forced to work together to keep their freedom.

 Maxie is shocked when she is presented with legal papers.

Sonny tells Carly about his suspicion that AJ set him up to look bad to Michael.         

Ellie storms off when she witnesses Spinelli with Maxie.

AJ and Tracy compete for Sam’s support.

Lucy Coe arrives in Port Charles.

Starr questions Todd about his connection to Johnny.

It’s Christmas Eve in Port Charles.

Todd and Carly have a spontaneous and festive Christmas Eve.

Maxie is rushed to the hospital.

Lucy Coe finds herself in a position of power with the Quartermaines.