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'General Hospital' Previews: January 7 Edition


Next week on General Hospital, Johnny finally comes clean about his role in the death of Starr’s family, and he makes sure everyone knows what Todd has known (and done) as well. Also: AJ shares his excitement over ELQ with Elizabeth, Sam learns the truth about Jason’s shooting and Trey fights for his life!

The Truth is Out!

Johnny’s bombshell has far reaching repercussions. While Starr reels over the news that it was Johnny, not Connie, who killed her family, Johnny reveals Todd’s crimes to Carly and Dante. Starr walks in just as Johnny tells him that Todd has known for months what he did. Dante arrests both men and puts them in the same cell. Todd tries to smother Johnny in his sleep.

Carly visits Sam and tells her that she was right about Todd. Soon the conversation shifts to Jason, and Sam can’t help but wonder if Carly is right. Later, Todd is surprised when he gets his own visitor…Carly.

Later, Todd decides to write a letter of apology to Carly. Much to his chagrin, John shows up to gloat. Todd then makes an offer to help John with his problems, if John can find a way to get him out of trouble. Will John accept?


AJ is thrilled when Michael supports his bid to unseat Tracy as CEO. When he heads over to the meeting for the Nurses’ Ball, all he needs is Lucy to lend her 1% share, thereby ensuring he can take over as CEO and fund the ball. He shares his enthusiasm with Elizabeth, who tells him Monica’s wish that they become friends. Later, AJ heads to the Floating Rib where he encounters Connie, who tries to goad him into drinking. Carly, frustrated over her visit with Todd, walks in just as he’s about to take a drink. Imagine Sonny’s surprise when he enters the bar and finds Connie drowning her sorrows with AJ.


Sonny has a drunken fantasy about Kate. Meanwhile at the hospital, Connie has a strong reaction when she sees Trey and later fights with Kristina. Trey’s friends and family rally to support him as he fights for his life. Sonny defends Connie (who has gone missing) to Kristina about her feelings for Trey.

John reveals to Sam the truth about Jason’s shooting. Sam believes Faison may be holding him hostage. Luke makes contact with Anna and later Lulu. Duke and Anna get an update on Robert’s condition. Later, Duke realizes Anna is still freaked out over Faison’s ruse.

Ellie awakens from surgery asking for Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli deal with the fallout from their one-night stand. Britt overhears Sabrina and Patrick discuss their almost kiss. Liz offers Sabrina support when she hears the latest batch of lies Britt has put into Sabrina’s head. Patrick learns from Britt that he’ll have to find a new babysitter for Emma; Britt joins Patrick in the shower.

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 14

Monica is furious when she sees Lucy moving in and later has to deal with an arrogant Tracy. John wakes to find Sam at his bedside. Lucy runs into a familiar face…

What do you think of what’s to come? Anything you’re looking forward to? Or maybe not so much? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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