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'Revenge' Photo Preview: "Sabotage"



Daniel and Emily are looking cozy in this week’s photo preview. 


Emily is forced to grapple with the ex-lover who thinks they’re reuniting and a secret, jealous boyfriend in this week’s episode. Fortunately, Aiden puts his feelings aside long enough to use a fundraiser and wine auction as the backdrop for his and Emily’s next plan of attack. Meanwhile, Victoria begins plotting her next move. Things aren’t looking so good on the other side of the Hamptons for Jack, Declan, and Amanda, who struggle with the outcome of Jack’s arrest. Things that are looking good? The coziness between Daniel and Emily (see photos below). I’ll take that any week. 

What do you think about Emily leading Daniel on? What is Victoria’s next move? And do you actually care about what happens to Jack? Check out this week’s promo and photo preview and sound off in the comments below!

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