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‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Old Alabama

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Hart of Dixie returned last night with “Old Alabama.” About a month has passed in Bluebell and Wade and Zoe have been enjoying the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Lavon, however, doesn’t really appreciate having to see them making out in his kitchen every morning. He’s still upset about his breakup with Ruby (the worst) and it has been distracting him from his mayoral duties, but now he needs to get his act together because Southern Living Magazine is finally coming to do a piece on Bluebell’s Pioneer Day.

To honor Pioneer Day, the town is once again donning costumes and having a town wide event to celebrate the birth of Bluebell. Lavon asks Wade and Zoe to play the important parts of the funding couple, but he makes the mistake of mentioning to Zoe that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever and her relationship with Wade will be tested soon. Zoe freaks out because she’s never been in a relationship and she’s Zoe, but Cricket gives her an old journal that basically advises her to let everything Wade does to annoy her go and then throw herself into projects. Zoe took the advice to heart and no matter what Wade did, she didn’t get mad and it started to freak him out because he feels like she’s turning into Lemon.

Meanwhile, George was doing his best to avoid Brick after walking in on him and Shelby, but Brick needed advice on how to end things with the younger woman. George really did not want to help, but he agreed to teach Brick the breakup speech that he got from Wade. Of course Shelby recognized it and ended up slapping George again. Wade also went to his friend for advice and George suggested that it was better if he let Zoe erupt every time she needed to rather than to let her save it up. He also pointed out that Wade had plenty of experience on how to make a girl mad.

Lemon and Annabeth decided that they wanted to cater the First Feast to drum up business for their new company, but Lavon was still super mad at Lemon and refused to even talk to her. The two ladies staged a fight and Lavon hired Annabeth to cater the event. Lemon was involved behind the scenes, but Lavon was onto their scheme and forced his former love to be a serving wench at the party. Things didn’t go well when Lemon and Annabeth tried to convince the reporter that Lemon had been part of the business all along, but luckily, people recognized Lemon’s food and they were able to get new clients after all. However, Lavon refused to forgive Lemon for ruining things with Ruby, although she was not honest with him about why she was so against the union.

Finally, Wade pushed Zoe too far and the two had a huge fight in the middle of the First Feast. It was hilarious and luckily, the reporter thought it was great that they were portraying a realistic couple so Lavon got the boost that he needed after all. Later, Wade and Zoe talked and agreed that they were going to fight, but that was okay. The episode ended with a super adorable shaving cream battle between the two.

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Favorite Moment: All the insane things Wade did to upset Zoe, both intentionally and unintentionally: losing her car, choosing his buddy over her, going to a strip club, letting the raccoon into her house and of course, attempting to pronounce “Louboutin” as he asked Zoe if the shoes that had been eaten were expensive.

Most Cringe-Worthy Moment: Brick telling George about his sex life was super awkward, but also really hilarious.

Hottest Character: Wade was shirtless twice, people.

Character We Loved This Week: Wade, Zoe, Lemon, George, Brick, Annabeth…I can’t choose. This episode was one of my favorites and everyone was great.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Lavon when he made Lemon sad.

Best One-Liner: Tossup between “You’re like one of those hobbit trolls” and “You’re a doctor. Why are you trying to kill me?”

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: Tansy’s return, but I am not looking forward to George’s mom trying to play matchmaker between George and Zoe.

Rating: 5/5


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