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‘Cougar Town’ Recap: Flirting with Time


Grayson decides to put his house on the market which the cul-de-sac crew waste no time judging their neighbors, which conjures up memories of how everyone met. Meanwhile Wade returns from Afghanistan earlier than expected.

We begin with Ellie showing her control over Andy as she pours wine without a glass present then tips back in her chair as though to fall with Andy appearing out of nowhere with a glass and support. Jules tries to do the same with Grayson who doesn’t move from the couch Jules finds Lori stretching because her boyfriend is finally coming back from Afghanistan and she doesn’t want to “sprain her snooze” which leads to a rundown of all the names Lori has given her vagina. They include “snizzle” “hoo” “hot pocket” “Bonnie Hunt” “No Country For Old Men” “Wooly Mammoth” and “Hurt locker.”. Grayson is excited that his house might finally sell, though Ellie and Lori are against the couple who are health freaks that don’t drink. Jules then springs the surprise of Lori’s boyfriend, Wade,  home early, and popping out of a trashcan so she can film it. Lori’s reaction is to punch him back into it.

Travis and Bobby are watching Pretty Woman despite Grayson’s objection.  Travis mocks the fact that Grayson doesn’t have a “meet cute” moment  with Jules,  while Bobby relays how he met Travis for the first time in the delivery room. “But they forgot to tell me how slippery he’d be and he kinda got away from me.” Hence Travis’s flat head.

Grayson meets the potential buyers only to be undone by Andy in an open robe exposing his “Tobey Maguire”, which is what Jules calls it.  ; Bobby showing up on his golf cart looking for militiarecruits and Ellie acting like a swinger who wants them to join in.  Elsewhere, Laurie is having room-destroying sex with her boyfriend only to be freaked out by the fact he’s staying indefinitely.

Grayson demands that everyone pay him back for the money they cost him. Everyone apologizes but Ellie who isn’t sorry. This leads to Grayson wondering how Ellie allowed Jules and Bobby to move in and we flashback to Bobby and Jules showing up in their full redneck glory meeting Ellie for the first time. Jules instantly declared they’d be girlfriends,  As it turns out it wasn’t Ellie who agree to sell, but Andy who literally fell from the roof and into Bobby’s arms.  This is their “meet cute” which Travis again rubs in Grayson’s face who responses with “Get some friends your own age.

Lori and Wade kiss their way to the bar where Andy is getting a burger for Ellie. She confesses to Andy that she is freaking out about Wade staying permanently.   Andy convinces Lori to give the relationship a chance and then tells her she can’t miss out because she’s afraid the way he almost did with Ellie, which leads to a flashback of Jules confronting him over not proposing to Ellie. He immediately does, leading to the first instance of Ellie yelling from her window to Jules and the first appearance of Tom.  Ellie comes over and they begin to bond over a glass of wine.

The closing scene is one of my favorites of the season: but not because it had an adorable moment between Jules and Grayson sharing a look, but  when Grayson gives Jules the bottle of wine and says it’s great for “making friends”, it puts the final piece of their relationship into place and that the bottle of wine began an important, lasting friendship.

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