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‘Smash’ Review: The Dramaturg


After a one-week break right after its premiere (really, NBC?) Smash came back again, this time trying to focus on fixing Bombshell, which seems to be exactly what they are trying to do with Smash. Like the fictional musical, the show needs a lot of work. ICYMI: Smash Season Premiere Review: On Broadway? Not So Fast. 

The second episode was a little slower than the premiere. I’m still not sure they will manage to turn this whole thing around. It seemed like they were setting up quite a few plots this week:

Ivy’s new show (yay!), Bombshell being back in rehearsals, Derek being interested in Jimmy and Kyle’s new musical, Veronica wanting a one-night show. I guess some of these can be short-term plots that will be resolved by mid-season, but we’ll see how well they handle them.

Personally, I don’t know if I’m overly interested in the new musical they are working on with the boys. The actors are great and the characters are adorable, but none of the songs seemed particularly interesting. I need more story, and I need to see that story, not be told what it is about like they were telling Derek. But I suppose that will come with time.

They really need to do something about making Karen more interesting. Her being so nice and selfless and helping the boys is good, but I need more. Especially when the only other thing she does now is glare at Ivy.

As for Ivy, I’m glad she didn’t get kicked too hard this episode and I do hope we see at least some of her as Cécile, and more importantly, that we get to see her sing more.

Speaking of singing, original songs seem to be the way to go with Smash. Every time they cover something else, I get bored. It doesn’t matter the song, doesn’t matter who is singing it, it doesn’t seem to fit with the show. Feels like they are trying to copy Glee, except none of them are sixteen and it just looks silly. Original songs, however, move the plot forward, shows the audience more about the show they are all working on creating and it’sinteresting. Fresh, new. Not something I’ve been seeing on Glee for years.

Now, onto the main plot of the episode, I am interested to see what else they do with Bombshell and how they change it with the help of Peter, The Dramaturg. I was having a hard time believing that someone like Julia, who has been a writer for years would have such a hard time and childish response to criticism, but I guess if she’s never read reviews before, it makes sense. And I’m glad they are focusing her character on her work and none of that boring personal drama they did last season. She is definitely a character who has a lot of potential to grow and become stronger. I hope that they take her in the right direction.

On a much more personal note: Julia, Tom and Peter walking around Times Square without bumping into five hundred people is just not believable. Sorry, show.

All in all, still waiting to see where they go with this season. Still not holding my breath that the show will make it, but we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. It was great to hear Ivy sing again, and I really like the new direction that this season is taking the show. I am also excited to see how Julia grows with someone questioning her, but I am sensing that they are going to start a whole new relationship drama with her and Peter. A friend that I work with at DISH blamed last night’s poor ratings on the break right after the new season premiered, so let’s hope next week looks a little better. I missed the show because of my book club met last night, but fortunately I was able to catch up this morning. I love how my DISH Hopper automatically records everything on NBC during primetime without individual timers, so I never have to worry about missing Smash.

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