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‘Cougar Town’ Recap: You and I Will Meet Again


Laurie decides to move in with Wade, but she’s worries how Travis will take the news.  Tom loses his “new guy” status and becomes a cheerleader for Jules. Jules and Grayson have a clothing optional day.

In the opening scene, Laurie announces to the gang that she and Wade are moving In together. Everyone welcomes wade to the group, including Tom who tells him to not blow it.  Tom is worried that since Wade is the new guy, that he is losing his role as “new guy”. Jules suggest that they give him a new title Ellie sarcastically suggests “group weirdo”, “group carrot face” or “group guy who’s not really in the group”.

Jules suggests, “group cheerleader”.  Laurie confesses that she hasn’t told Travis the news yet, which prompts Jules to have an emergency meeting with her.  Laurie confesses to Jules that aside from the fact she’s known Travis since he was a child, but she was afraid it would effect her friendship with Jules.  Jules admits to Laurie that she would kill him if she hurt Travis and that she’s thought of how she could get away with it.  While listening at the window, Tom says to Laurie, “My girl is super smart. She could murder anyone”.

Meanwhile, Ellie tells Andy that she’s worried that their kid isn’t smart. She suggests he takes their son to the library   In Andy and Bobby fashion, they head to the Go Karts, where Andy admits to Bobby, that Stan’s change from evil to angel is only a front and that he’s up to something.  At Grayson’s pub, Ellie tells Wade that Laurie has told them everything about their sex life, including video tapes which they complimented him on.  Ellie talks about her sex life with Andy (once a week on Sunday).

Grayson makes fun of Ellie, but she retaliates by saying she knows about his and Jules’s “one in a half times a week”.  Grayson is upset that Ellie knows, which prompts Jules to have “clothing option day” with Grayson. Ellie shows up and doesn’t seem surprised by any of it and even Tom chimes in, “Jules is rocking the birthday suit”.  Jules has a meeting with Bobby and Laurie, to discuss Travis.  Jules wants Bobby to suggest that Grayson call his manhood, “The American Way” because he already calls his back and chest, “truth and justice”.  Jules comes up with a plan to get Travis in a good mood, before she crushes him with the news of Laurie and Wade.  Apparently she has done this all his life and we get scenes of flashbacks.

After observing Grayson’s manhood through the window, Bobby and Andy talk about Andy’s fear of his son’s plan.  Bobby believes he should think the best of his son, but Andy doesn’t buy it.  Jules takes Travis Go Kart riding to try and put him in a good mood, but her plan backfires when Wade shows up, who unknowingly blurts out the truth in front of Travis. Travis takes off in the Go Kart with Jules pursuing him down, later crashing into a sunglasses stand. Travis sends a video saying that he is going to go camping and become one with nature and to not look for him.  Jules and Laurie find him and she tells Travis that he and Laurie aren’t going to happen and that he needs to try and move on.  Travis gives his blessing to Laurie.  Bobby tells Andy what makes him a good dad and Ellie tells Grayson that he should relax about having more sex with Jules. While, Stan puts his plan into motion, when he lures Andy down a sewer and locks him in.

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Favorite Moment: Naked Grayson

Hottest Character: Grayson

Character We Loved This Week: Naked Grayson

Rating: (1-5) 5! Another strong episode!

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