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‘Smash’ Review: The Song


I really don’t want to have to rename Smash the Jennifer Hudson, or Veronica Moore show, but that’s who most of this week’s episodes was about.

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On the first episode, I enjoyed Veronica’s role. A Broadway star who could share more of her experience. But I liked her better in smaller doses, not the focus of the show. I want to know more about Ivy, Karen and Bombshell, so I’m really hoping that she got her closure because everything else got shoved aside for her plot this week.And her plot wasn’t even interesting. They wanted to show her breaking away from her image, from her mom, but it was so superficial and even the song that Jimmy wrote, it wasn’t performed in an overly emotional way like it would have been on Broadway. Maybe a little more on the montage would have made a difference.

On the side plots, most of the time not spent on Veronica was spent on Jimmy and Kyle. If only getting to Broadway was actually that easy. But I like the characters. Kyle is adorable and I want to know more about him. Jimmy is a mess and I want to find out why. His chemistry with Karen is pretty good, but I think them as a couple would be boring in the long run. I guess it depends which direction they go with them, so we’ll have to see.

The other main side plot was Julia and Peter and honestly, I wish we had spent more time on them. The rewriting of Marilyn’s story from the point of view of the men in her life is what I want to see, I want to watch the creative process. Maybe it’s just because I’m a theater geek, but out of the forty or so minutes of this episode, this was what kept my interest the most.

As for the ending UGH Ellis. He’s not even on the show anymore (and I hope it stays that way because I don’t know a single person who would want him back), but he’s still ruining everything. Actually, I take that back, I hope he comes back just so everyone can know what he did and he can pay for it. I’d be okay with that being the focus of one episode later this season.

Update on Ivy and Karen’s friendship: back to buddies. I swear they go back and forth every week. Let’s see what happens next week when they (hopefully) get back to Bombshell.

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