‘General Hospital’ Teasers: February 25 Edition

Photo: ABC

Next week on General Hospital, Lucy and John team up to rescue Sam & Daniel! Also: Kate struggles with her new reality; AJ and Elizabeth are drawn to each other.

Sneak Peeks: Week of February 25, 2012

Steve confesses this worry that Olivia’s vision about his stabbing will come true.

Caleb intends to make Sam remember everything about their former life together.

Kate lashes out at Sonny after making a horrifying discovery.

AJ gets a clue about the source of his panic attacks.

Kate mourns for her son.

Olivia is horrified to find a threatening Heather waiting for her in her home.

The clock is ticking for McBain to rescue Sam.

Heather believes it is divine intervention when she finds Rafe at Wyndemere holding the key to a fresh start.

Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine Den and, under Tracy’s nose.

Someone’s life hangs in the balance. Will they make it through surgery?

Tracy taunts Monica with claims that she’ll take over ELQ.

Will Lucy be able to escape Caleb?

AJ and Elizabeth share a close moment

Frisco leaves a message for Felicia reiterating his intention to win her back.

An arrest warrant interrupts a couple’s happiness.

Tracy plots with Spinelli pitting him against someone he cares for.

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Frisco turns up the heat on Felicia.