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‘General Hospital’ Preview: March 11 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Carly’s scheme leads to trouble for AJ and Elizabeth. When Todd makes it clear he wants another chance with Carly, she decides to tell him she’s already moved on – with AJ! Find out what happens in our General Hospital preview for the week of March 11. 

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Should Have Counted To Ten/Chasing The Girl

Carly is shocked when Todd shows up to win her back. He presses her to forgive him because she loves him, but Carly tells him she’s with someone else. When Todd calls her bluff, Carly’s forced to take immediate action – by kissing AJ Quartermaine! Carly pressures AJ to go along with her rouse and it couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time.

Elizabeth arrives at the MetroCourt just in time to see Carly kissing her date! She takes off, furious with what she just witnessed. Before AJ leaves to do damage control with Elizabeth, he demands to know the name of the Quartermaine heir. Later, AJ tracks Elizabeth down at the hospital and ends up on the receiving end of a few choice words regarding his kiss with Carly. Is his relationship with Elizabeth over before it really had the chance to begin?

Also This Week

Will Starr lie to her father to help Carly?  Michael is freaked out when he learns his parents are “dating”. Sam warns Todd that karma is a bitch — since he hurt her family, she wouldn’t be surprised if something awful happened to his in return. Someone flirts with Mac. Elizabeth persuades Sabrina to admit her feelings to Patrick. Spinelli goes to extreme measures when Tracy demands he hand over the stolen document. Connie’s book launch becomes the site of a scandal when Molly and Alexis assert their claim on Love In Maine.

Connie accuses Sonny of cheating on her with Kate. Lulu and Dante are thrilled when they see a sonogram of “their” baby. Lucy gathers together her troops for the upcoming Nurses Ball, but do they have the funds to cover it?  Scott witnesses Laura looking at a photo of Luke. Sam comforts John when he berates himself for failing Rafe as well as his own son. Will it lead to something more? Scott and Lucy have an affectionate reunion. Will Lucy give Scott the advice he needs when it comes to Laura?

Source Look Ahead: March 18, 2013 Edition

Jealousy is in the air when Kevin sees Lucy and Scott renewing their friendship. Elizabeth has the forgiveness AJ seeks, but it comes with a price. Todd & Carly and Sam & John are at a crossroads.

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