5 Reasons ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Needs a Second Season


The Carrie Diaries may have just ended Monday, but it is never too early to start campaigning for the show’s renewal. Many reports have the show labeled as ‘on the bubble’ meaning we must do everything we can to save the show. I’ve made no secret of how much I love everything about The Carrie Diaries so, in case any CW executives happen to be reading this or you’re just someone who hasn’t checked out the show yet, I present to you my top five reasons why The Carrie Diaries needs a second season.


One of the qualities that can make or break a TV show is the way the cast meshes together. It’s that certain je ne sais quoi that makes the series special and you either have it or you don’t. Luckily, The Carrie Diaries features a stellar cast that meshes well together. Every interaction between characters feels authentic – you can tell these people really do like each other and that makes the scenes all the more real. Even many of the Diaries cast may be newcomers to television it never feels that way. AnnaSophia Robb slips into Carrie’s Manolo’s with ease and she has cemented herself as a true icon right next to Sarah Jessica Parker. Brendan Dooling shines in his role as Walt, a gay teen struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. He gives a standout performance each episode and I guarantee you that, no matter which cast member is on screen, you will be glued to your TV longing to see what happens with them next.


Being set in the 1980s opens up the door for The Carrie Diaries to feature a plethora of yesteryear’s greatest hits. From The Cars to Madonna each of the songs used showcase the series’ most important moments, taking you back in time with Carrie and her friends. If anything, the music also provides the perfect excuse to have a jam session around your house. Not that I’ve done that before…


Shoulder pads. Leg warmers. Fingerless gloves. All of these and more marked the good, bad and downright ugly fashions of the 80s. When it comes to styling The Carrie Diaries cast, however, the fashion is all top-notch. Emmy Award-winning costume designer Eric Daman perfected his styling art while working on Gossip Girl and that trend continues here. Each characters’ wardrobe highlights his or her personality and every piece is drop-dead gorgeous. You’ll drool over Carrie’s Manolos, long for Larissa’s sparkly dresses, and you might even wish for your own leather jacket after you see Sebastian Kydd wearing one.  Maybe it’s time to make a trip to the mall?


I have often commented on the impressive writing on The Carrie Diaries – and rightfully so. Head writer Amy B. Harris‘ passion for the show is reflected in every scene. In any other hands the show could have felt unnecessary or trifling, but it never does. We may know who Carrie ends up with or who she grows up to be, but the writing provides a truly intriguing and always endearing look into the lives of the young Bradshaw and her friends. We can all relate to the struggles the Castlebury teens’ face, everything from losing your virginity to finding your place in this world. There is truly a character for everyone to connect with here – whether it’s longing to make a name for yourself like Carrie, struggling with your sexuality like Walt, or feeling alone like Maggie. And hey, you might even relate to the free-spirited party girl Larissa or the dad struggling to raise two daughters the way Tom does. Like I said, there’s someone for everyone.


When The Carrie Diaries was first announced, even I felt uneasy. How would this show do justice to the legacy left by Sex and the City? How could anyone other than Sarah Jessica Parker slip into Carrie’s Manolos? How could this show make me care? I am happy to report that the show has done all that and then some. Not only is The Carrie Diaries an excellent tribute to Sex and the City but it also holds the same heart of its predecessor. Don’t confuse it as a carbon copy of the original though – The Carrie Diaries has made a name for itself on its own merits – and that’s the way it should be. Walt, Maggie, Mouse, and the rest of the characters will all hold their own special place in your heart right next to Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda.

We may not know if The Carrie Diaries is officially renewed until May but that is more than enough time to do your own part to save this wonderful show. Tweet the official CW accounts and let them know you love the show, tell all your friends to catch up before the next season, and remember: Keep Calm and Carrie On.

Spencer Barrett
Stars are his kind of thing! Spencer Barrett joined the TV Source team as a staff writer in 2013. In 2018, he was promoted to Senior Writer, TV & Pop Culture, shaping our pop culture content. He loves all things horror, Archie Comics and Taylor Swift.

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