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All My Children Sneak Peeks: May 6 Edition

Photo: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

The Online Network has released episode descriptions for the week of May 6 for All My Children.

Monday, 5/6: A rebellious side comes out, leading to an exciting adventure.  Jesse’s worst nightmare is confirmed.  Who will rejoin the living?

Tuesday, 5/7: Miranda’s feelings catch Bianca by surprise.  Who will awake handcuffed to a bed?  Celia can’t believe what she overhears.

Wednesday, 5/8: Who will bid farewell to Pine Valley?  The truth sets someone free—almost.  One mom gets an early Mother’s Day surprise.

Thursday, 5/9:  One of the hottest boy bands visits Pine Valley.  What is your every fantasy?

All My Children premieres Monday, April 29 on iTunes, Hulu and FX Canada.

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