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‘General Hospital’ Casts Bryan Craig As the New Morgan Corinthos


After a few years away, Morgan Corinthos is returning to Port Charles – a few years older and hopefully a few years wiser. Soaps In Depth reports that daytime newcomer Bryan Craig has been cast in the role of Sonny and Carly’s youngest son on General Hospital.

With summer just around the corner on General Hospital, the kids are out of school and getting into as many shenanigans as the adults. This means Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have to send out scouts and corral some viable actors between the ages of 13-19, thereby ensuring that the Summer Caper Season will appeal to the young’uns as much as the older crowd.

Craig appeared in Off the Chain, The Nine Lives of Chloe King and the series Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures as “Blake” before landing the role of troubled mob scion Morgan. He began shooting his scenes this week, Tweeting on Monday, “Great first day at my new job, love it and everyone involved.”

The last we saw of Morgan Stone Corinthos, he had been secreted away at military school by his mother, Carly – ostensibly to keep him out of his father Sonny’s sphere of influence and lifestyle. Named for Jason Morgan and Stone Cates, Morgan had been raised largely outside that sphere, becoming close to his older brother Michael and his stepfather Jax, who, before his untimely disappearance, was set to adopt Morgan. Sensitive and emotionally wounded, Morgan craves strong ties and a stable environment.

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