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‘General Hospital’ Preview: April 22 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, connections are made, connections are lost…can some be saved? Others may find new ground. Everybody has decisions to make, and none of it will be easy. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s story preview for the week of April 22, 2013.

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I Cannot Believe It’s True

Felix is doing extra duty this week, talking with Emma about the new sibling and then shepherding Sabrina through pinning and prom week — ie, asking Patrick on a date, even after Sabrina reveals Britt’s pending abortion. Britt wants to end the pregnancy on her own, but her resolve wobbles at a crucial moment.

Laura and Luke return home with Lulu, and are reunited with Scotty. Luke and his nemesis greet each other with all the warmth of molting elephants, exchanging heated words and meaningful glances. Not that kind. Everything back to normal again, except

Who’s That Girl?

Dante, bereft, is desperate for Lulu to remember the epic-ness that is them, whereupon Lulu, feeling pressured, flees to the nearest refuge – the Floating Rib. Can’t say I blame her; she’s had a tough week. Milo, fully dressed but no less Magical, agrees to hide Lulu from her friends and family, even in the face of glowering Dantean fury.

Spinelli heads out of town in pursuit of the ever-popular Quartermaine heir, while Ellie determines to figure out what’s going on with Maxie and her baby – and reveals she’s willing to use some questionable methods to achieve her goals. Britt, on a break from maneuvers, discovers Ellie as she’s groping through the proverbial cookie jar.

Also Next Week

Liz and Nikolas re-bond while he searches for a new shirt; Nik tells Liz about the altercation between himself and AJ. Duke and Anna finally go on a date, and boy, do we hope they get dessert.

Rafe and Molly are learning to tango, while poor TJ is still preparing for the prom. Johnny sends a warning to Carly. Brenda, in a wild gambit of epic proportion, asks Sonny to ditch Port Charles and learn to make…pasta with her. In Italy.

Source Look Ahead: April 29, 2013 Edition

The contest for Elizabeth’s affections heats up and leads to a kiss and wooing. Ellie’s snooping pays off. Will she discover the truth? Laura has a heart-to-heart with Nikolas over Elizabeth and Luke has surprising news for Tracy.

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