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‘General Hospital’ Preview: April 29 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, AJ’s sobriety is tested when he assumes the worst about Elizabeth and Nikolas. A surprising foe comes to AJ’s rescue and leads to an unexpected, non-romantic romp that could have devastating consequences for AJ’s romantic future. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of April 29.

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Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Worn out from the previous week’s Adventures in Brendaland, Sonny decides to have his birthday dinner with Olivia, hoping for a quiet, low-key evening. It’s good to know he still clings to the impossible dream…alas, enter Carly and AJ, butting heads and slinging arrows at one another and then at Sonny, whereupon Carly tosses AJ out.

AJ calls Liz to try and clear the air but when Nikolas answers, it sends AJ careening dangerously close to the wheels falling off the wagon. Enter Carly yet again to pull him back from the edge. They end up back at in his room where the toxic former lovers hit the sheets.

Nikolas bares his soul to Liz, admitting he wants her back in his life on a permanent basis. Liz rejects Nikolas’ attempt at a reconciliation, deciding to give AJ another shot. Buoyed by the prospect of starting anew with AJ, Elizabeth heads to the Quartermaine Mansion. Meanwhile, AJ tries to prevent Monica from discovering who was in his room; Shenanigans ensue when Monica believes AJ has hooked up with Elizabeth, only to find Liz at her front door! While Monica kicks out Carly, AJ and Liz discuss her decision to give him a second chance.

Meanwhile, Nikolas remains more determined than ever to reunite with Elizabeth.  He confides in his mother about his feelings for Liz. Will she encourage him to follow his heart? AJ and Carly realize they swapped phones; Carly learns she’s missed several important phone calls from Sonny. Elizabeth accepts AJ’s offer to go on a trip with him.

Shaking the Tree

Dante’s behavior enrages Lulu, as she digs in and refuses to leave Milo’s apartment. Because Dante has never eased back on anything in his life (and can be just as stubborn as his father), he plants his heels equally deep and snuggles comfortably on Milo’s plush sofa. As a result of Dante not giving her space, Lulu decides to take flight once more. Where is she off to?

Also Next Week

Anna and Duke share a romantic evening. TJ has big plans for prom night with Molly, unaware that Rafe has locked lips with the girl he loves! Ellie convinces Maxie she’s not messing around in anything she shouldn’t, and then…does. Maxie rats her out to Spinelli, who has his hands full with tracking down a new lead to the evermore indomitable Lauren’s whereabouts. With Connie’s warning from Johnny ringing in his ears, Sonny takes Shawn and hightails it out of town to get to Morgan, but they find themselves greeting the business end of a gun barrel in his dorm room before too long. Olivia squeezes more information out of Johnny. Scott tries to get a commitment from Laura about their wedding. Patrick overhears when Sabrina having it out with Britt over suspected foul play regarding her morning sickness. Did Felix overstep and unintentionally create problems between Patrick and Sabrina over Britt?

Source Look Ahead: May 6, 2013 Edition

TJ has a surprise for Rafe. Will AJ tell Elizabeth the truth about Carly? Sam sees Rafe has a black eye. Anna and Duke share a close moment. Connie and Olivia are in danger, will Sonny and Shawn show up in time?

Omar Nobles contributed to this preview.

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