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‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds 2: Usher’s Hopes for a Steal Dashed by Adam


It was the second night of the Battle Rounds on NBC’s The Voice and despite it being shy an extra hour, the competition and the quest to steal away a contestant was still strong.

Based off of Tuesday night’s episode previews from Monday night, the focus was pure Usher, who let it be known that he was serious about the competition.  With song selection “Roxanne” by The Police, Usher took to task one of his two artists, Jeff Lewis, who was paired with Josiah Halley, for what he believed was his lack of seriousness in rehearsal.   Both artists clearly seemed to struggle with being able to tell the story of “Roxanne” and it showed a bit when both artists took to the stage for their battle.  Once the performance was over and after being asked by Carson Daly what the other coaches thoughts were, Shakira voiced that the selection of song choice could have been different.  Blake Shelton on the other hand, didn’t think the song was all that bad, feeling that by vocals alone, Jeff stood out from Josiah.  In the end, it was Josiah, not Jeff that won Usher’s vote to stay.

For the first time in this season, Adam Levine pointed out earlier on in the blind auditions that he wanted to try his hand in mentoring a country artist; and he took his mentoring skills and put them to the test with country hopefuls Michael Austin and Warren Stone.  Taking them into battle with Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party, it was sheriff against firefighter, as Michael and Warren gave Adam a lesson on the different styles of singing country. After it was all said and done in who stood out more, Adam went with his gut and gave Warren the win of the battle round.

Girls next door Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery, artists for Blake Shelton, taking on the song Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae, it was one of the closest battles seen.  As with Monday’s pairing of Judith Hill and Karina Iglesias, from Adam’s team, it was perfect harmony between Caroline and Danielle, as the two young ladies sang together.  It was a case of ‘who do you choose’ simply for the fact that both sang as if they weren’t just singing to win but also singing with sheer enjoyment.   As Blake listened to the rest of the coaches input, it was clear that Adam made a mistake in not hitting his button for young coffee shop worker, Caroline.   After some thoughts and words of his own, Blake went with Danielle, the youngest artist in the competition.  Before Carson could get the words “Steal” out of his mouth good enough, it was mad race between Adam and Usher, who both slammed their hands furiously down on their button.  Despite Usher’s pitch to get chosen, it was Adam that won Caroline over to remain in the competition.

The Voice Battle Rounds continues on and from the looks of those previews for next week, something serious is about to go down for one of the new coaches.  Let’s see just how far they are willing to go to win next week’s battle round.

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