Prospect Park releases new ‘All My Children’ promo

Photo: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

All My Children and Pine Valley have certainly grown since we last saw them. With the questions of ‘Who JR shot’, what happened in those five missing years, and better yet, who will find love? And whose lives will be torn apart? This is the All My Children we have been waiting for!

New All My Children episodes premiere on Hulu beginning Monday, April 29. The new trailer gives viewers a preview of what they can expect later this month – including a HUGE hint at who didn’t make it out of the finale alive (Marissa?) , who’s falling in love (AJ and Miranda?), and who is out to cause revenge (David!!!) along with so much more! 

If you want even more AMC, check out The Online Network’s great (FREE!)  content on iTunes and purchase episodes starting Monday, April 29.

For now, leave your thoughts on the promo and storylines in the comments below.