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General Hospital Preview: June 3 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, the fallout from the Franco reveal has far reaching consequences. Beginning anew is hard, and this week several people find that moving forward often leaves painful scars in their wake. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of June 3.

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Strong Enough to Break

Sam, Alexis, Rafe and Molly all dig in to prepare for the upcoming custody battle with Silas, and get a startling surprise when he shows up with Diane Miller as his attorney. Rafe testifies that he wants to stay in Port Charles with Sam, but Diane, merciless and focused as ever, contends Sam is an unfit guardian for him. This will not be pretty.  Sam bristles when Silas tells her Danny is sick, thinking he’s attacking her parenting yet again, but in private, she reconsiders. Patrick runs tests as Silas arrives to check on the baby, and Sam, overwhelmed, finally breaks down and reaches out to her family and Spinelli on what is yet another crappy birthday.  Surprisingly, Liz offers support and a shoulder, having heard of and been deeply affected by Danny’s situation.  Alexis is with Sam when Patrick informs them of Danny’s test results.


Patrick is planning a romantic date with Sabrina, but she’s got her hands full with Britt making life miserable in their new cohabitation arrangement. It’s less “Golden Girls” and more “Single White Female”. Felix is outraged when he finds out, but Sabrina talks him off the ledge and explains the plan to expose Britt. Later, Felix installs his little sister Taylor in the apartment, and is horrified when she and Britt become bosom buddies. Britt needs as many allies as she can finagle, since she’s not sure she can trust Brad to keep her secrets. Plus, Ellie and Spinelli are digging around for more information on her favorite Lab Rat/Stooge.  But, ever the optimist, Britt hasn’t given up.  Even as Sabrina asks for a vial of blood (for a DNA test), Britt waits until Patrick and Sabrina are just about to go on their first date – and tells Patrick the baby is moving.

Also Next Week

Rafe, sweetly offers to back out of the prom date with Molly and urges her to work things out with TJ, but the new problem is that TJ already asked Taylor to the prom. Young love is so complicated. AJ and Michael have an open and earnest discussion about Michael’s ordeal; AJ and Monica are stunned when Tracy shows real sensitivity and sympathy when she finds out.  Ava tries to patch things up with Kiki, but Kiki has other ideas.

Luke goes for a drink instead of to the hospital. Morgan urges Kiki to get money for their own apartment when Sonny and Carly after his parents refuse to give him a credit card. Later, Kiki snaps at her boyfriend when he makes fun of Michael.   Spinelli takes a phone call meant for someone else, and Ellie finds another clandestine medical file.

Source Look Ahead: June 10 Edition

Someone in Port Charles falls victim to a hit and the ripple effect will have devastating consequences. Who was shot? But more importantly, who ordered the hit? It’s not who you think… The Cassadines have confrontation running in their blood next week as Nikolas, Sam and Alexis have some choice words for AJ, Silas and Shawn, respectively.

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