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Hunter Tylo Departing ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

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Well this is unexpected. Bold and the Beautiful star Hunter Tylo has announced she will depart the CBS soap she’s called home for almost 20 years.

Tylo, who’s played Dr. Taylor Hayes on B&B off-and-on since 1990, posted on her official website and Twitter that her final airdate is July 3. In addition, states that she and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who plays her daughter Steffy Forrester Spencer, are “coincidentally” off-contract with the show.

Tylo wrote, “I am getting bombarded with questions to quell rumors, and here, in my forum, I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts. I have been very successful outside of B&B and I have no doubt she will too – and more so, because she is free and single to travel all over the world.”

The actress says her contract talks with B&B ended four weeks ago. “I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and perusing my skin care line. My friends and B&B fans will be sorely missed. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure!”

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  1. My boyfriend and I like Taylor and Steffy’s characters. In fact, Taylor is our favorite. We tape the show and keep posted everyday. This is the high light of the day after a hard day of work. Sorry for my English but we are French. The show is educational too.

  2. What is going on with B&B. I have watched this show for 21 years, and everybody is leaving! If they think that “Room 8” is the “new” story line, the writers are sick in the head! I loved Ridge, and Stephanie, and Steffy! Never liked Taylor’s high horse, but the show will not be the same without her. I have to say, they have totally lost my interest!

  3. Sooooo agree

  4. So happy she is going! Just saw that today. Hated her character. I am so happy that Brooke’s character is rid of her! Best news all day

  5. Will not miss her and the girl that plays her daughter. They wrote her character like she was so perfect, but she was so, so boring. Steffy character was so ugly and boring. Glad to see both gone.

  6. I don’t feel good and hate hearing about Hunter Tylo and Jacquiline Woods exit. I miss Stephane and Ridge and sick of Brooke and Hopes whining and Brookes sleeping with everyone!!!!!Don’t think I can watch this show again

  7. I agree! I have also been a faithful fan! I have waited for the day that Taylor makes a stand. There will be no more bold and the beautiful without Taylor and Steffi! I thought that it was disgusting that she miscarried on mothers day! I never thought that this show would go down hill so fast. They might as well not even call it the bold and the beautiful after this! I’m done!

  8. agree

  9. Oh damn, now Brooke and Hope will end up with their ‘perfect lives’ while Hunter and Jackie go…… They will still whinge and whine and complain all over the place! Writers bring in ALI – Thorn’s daughter – let her come out fighting and really sock it to the little princess no Hope.

  10. I’m really not sure I will continue to watch this show without Hunter and Jacqueline, as I have since the beginning. I am very tired of the whining from the characters of Brooke and Hope. Without Stephannie and Ridge (even though it would be most difficult to replace them with other actors) and now Taylor and Steffy, where is this show going? So sad when our Icons come to an end.

  11. hunter tylo was a great actress but her character was ANNOYING like she snoopy she always in someones business always obsessing over brooke loghan LIKE I NEEDED A BREAK FROM TAYLOR JONES CHARACTER………. BUT SHE WAS A GOOD ACTRESS I WILL MISS HER DEARLY.

  12. Will never watch the show again. Hunter Tylo is amazing and deserves alot more than she has gotten. Bell and Co. have slowly ruined and written down her character since her return in 2005. The show has gotten so silly and the writing is the worst I’be ever seen in daytime. Good luck Hunter!!!!

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