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Is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Leaving ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester. Photo by Gilles Toucas.

Is Bold and the Beautiful star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) on her way out? Contrary to a recent article in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, the actress’ exit is temporary.

Update: May 16, 2013 – 9:43AM

Soap Opera Uncensored spoke with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who denied she plans to leave the show. “No plans of leaving,” she said. “I’m so lucky to be here. I’m happy I got to play this character. I have such an incredible boss in Brad Bell. He lets me do other things. He’s made me want to stay here while pursuing other things. I want to do all of it! I’m very blessed. I live it day by day and live in the moment. I like being able to do daytime, prime time and films all at the same time.” The actress’ exclusive interview with Nelson Branco’s magazine will be available next week.

Original Report

In the article, “Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Splits B&B,” SOD reports the actress opted not to renew her contract with the soap, even though B&B wanted her to re-sign. “They threw a lot of money at her to get her to stay, but she thought it was the right time to go,” said their source. The actress, who has been with the soap since 2008, reportedly wanted to depart for some time.

TVSource Magazine reached out to The Bold and the Beautiful for comment. “Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is taking short a break, as she has done in the past, from B&B. She remains as the character of ‘Steffy Forrester’ and is continuing to tape, currently with episodes airing through July of 2013 and then beyond,” said a rep, echoing a similar statement tweeted by CBS Soaps In Depth soon after the news hit the net.

Ryan White-Nobles
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  1. Creative commentary – I Appreciate the facts – Does anyone know where my assistant might obtain a template SSA-1-BK example to edit ?

  2. To all who look at Bold Beautiful stop putting the actors and actresses down they all are acting the way the writers want them to act.When fan talk trash about how they don’t like the way they act you look up and they are gone. They need jobs like everyone else. Why do you think alot of them not on. They got fired or they don’t want to be on any more.So the next time you have something to say make sure you tell the writers to make the story line more interesting so you would want to keep watching

  3. Steffy is a beautiful actress as was the actress that played her mother. One certainly has to have a tough skin to read all the negative comments. Steffy you are a great actress and a beautiful person. Hope you continue on the B&B.

  4. […] a year since viewers saw Steffy, who last appeared in February. Wood opted to leave the show at the end of her contract in 2013, but continued appearing on a recurring […]

  5. She is the only one that adds life to the story. The other women are so dreadfully boring.

  6. god i sure hope she’s not leaving , she’s a super actress , i miss her , come back soon Jacqueline we love you ,

  7. Tried of Logan now. J M will be back so.Liam is stupid now wait for Hope again real don’t care.Liam should move on now.

  8. agree with everything u just said so over her which they would do a brand new story with new people.

  9. plz stay gone u and your mom so glad u r out now liem stupid storyline might be put to rest.when stephine and rige left i knew this show was over.bring sum new people.

  10. Stepannie please return to B&B. Liam needs someone with some life and the story has gotten boring.

  11. steffy pretty please come back on bold we all miss u and i hink it would be really intersting i u came back on the show right now since liam and wyatt are having some what of a fight please PLEASE COME BACK

  12. steffy, you can go…please!!

  13. Please Steffy come back you’re my favorite ),:

  14. Steffy go get your face fixed, you can’t even cry properly your face is so tight. You were so beautiful and you completely ruined your face :(

  15. I too, want the original Steffi back, let Hope go to the new brother and put Liam and Steffi back together. However, Liam is a whipped puppy; he just cannot make up his little mind. I truly do not know what Steffi sees’ in him. But…. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe she will come back and throw another wrench into little bitty Hopes plans. I just do not like the Hope Character, nor do I like that fake girl whose seems to have in for Mia, throw her off the deck.;…..

  16. I agree! That made me so mad that they were finally together and happy…. and Steffy pregnant with Liams baby… and they just had to kill their baby! Do they not understand that soap watchers do actually like to see the couples happy for awhile…Especially when it took them so long to get it right. Hope is too immature I think….I really like this Wyatt character for her. They actually fit! And have chemistry I think. But , it’s just a soap…And this is just my opinion! God Bless.

  17. The Hope and Liam storyline is boring.

  18. Sorry I have to disagree. I don’t think there’s anything exotic about a girl with loads of plastic surgery

  19. Sorry, but I agree, the Hope, Steffy, Liam story line is getting to be too much. The back and forth and back and forth of Liam is getting to be ridiculous. And I also agree, the waySteffy got Liam away from Hope was not pretty and even though Hope is not my favorite person, Steffy really interfered in their relationship over and over again. And of course, Liam must be a really weak person that he can’t make up his mind between the two once and for all. I would have dumped him after the first time he waffled. They are making him to look like a buffoon. And Brook, I believe in real life she is 50+ years old. Now mind you, in her prime, woohoo, she was a knockout and is still a nice looking lady but way past the point where she should be playing these sexy parts. And the pregnancy thing, in real life she is probably in menopause. Come on writers, you can do better than this!!!!!

  20. Could Hope just go away. I can’t stand that PHONY laugh of hers, it sounds forced. And that storyline with Hope, Steffy and Liam, has to come to a conclusion, enough already it beyond ridiculous! And still making Brooke the slut after all these years is ridiculous also, she’s aging and is looking like it.

  21. I agree with all the comments made by everyone….B&B is getting a bite boring, this whole back and forth with Liam, Steffy and Hope.
    Since Stephanie exited in November there really hasn’t been much drama, good hardcore drama!
    All the story lines take so long, and are very slow, example it took Rick how long to break up with Caroline!!!!!
    They need to cast some more people or bring back old cast members to spice things up.
    Love to Love and yet hate both Steffy and Hope, this Wyatt character should be with Caroline, not Hope and is not very attractive in my opinion.
    They should turn Hope’s character into a slut, the complete opposite and what they are potraying her to be now. They should do something with Taylor, put her with Rick and see what Brooke’s reaction, now that would be some interesting stuff.

  22. Quit being haters! It’s a dam soap.U should be ashame of yourselfs..This is why this world is so screwed up u asshole believe the soap crap! It’s make believe.I don’t like Hope but i”m not going to call her names and Bully her. Whats the hell is wrong with u dum asses.GODS watching u!.

  23. I hate Steffie. She actually took Liam. Have the people forgotten.? After he saved her life, and she was through with His father, “dollar bill”. she then decided that she wanted Liam. Did the people forget??? Hope should have Liam now. Steffie could not stand to see Hope happy. Steffie needs to find her own man. Thank you ,writers, for dismissing her baby and old Brooks’s baby. Steffie could be with Oliver or someone else. I am so glad she’ gone. She was so in love with Liam’s father and he with her that he was going to leave Katie. Have you forgotten. She needs to stay away from Liam!!!!!!!

  24. I can’t agree more.

  25. So am I.

  26. I cannot stand the Hope and Liam combination…..doesn’t work.

  27. Hope and her b ass mother think a them alone if get the men of b&b. All hope did was manipulation Liam……………. Steffy should be wit Liam there make a prefect couple. knowing that the writer predicted that she would lost the baby!!!! bet them wouldn’t make Hope lost her baby if she was the one was pregnant. We need to see other people win in b&b tried of the Logan being the winners.. JMW WE LOVE YOU!!

  28. i love hope

  29. I can’t believe that Steffy gave up on her marriage with Liam they made such a cute couple I wish that spoiled bitch Hope was the one left not Steffy I will not be watching this boring shit again until Steffy does decide to come back whoever wrote this shit is fucking slow

  30. Steffy leaving Liam is stupid. I’m so turned off. I watched this soap from first episode until now and I haven’t watched one min since Steffy told Hope to have him. Very dull and if Liam is going back with Hope, I’m def done. Can’t stand the Hope character. SOOOOOO NOT Brooke’s daughter! Haha. We all love Brooke and Steffy!

  31. I agree with Nina. Its so ridiculous I predicted every last bit of it. Steffy and Liam should be the power couple on B&B, and this yo-yo effect you got going with Hope, I’m done, cooked. I am not watching B&B ANYMORE. We all gave you so many chances with this stupid storyline, Nobody likes hope and Liam together, you know that, and I’m done. I don’t even care if Steffy comes back now, I refuse to watch her try to win Liam back from Hope AGAIN. You will soon be joining the ranks of all the soaps before you that went off the air. You just lost this faithful watcher. Good Bye.

  32. finally someone who sees what is truly going on…every one is bad mouthing Hope but nobody wants to look back at the beginning when Hope was with Oliver and Steffy wanted him…Hope moved onto Liam then the dark haired horse Steffy wanted him…So Hope is fighting to keep her relationship and that’s a bad thing, PLEASE… Why don’t they write Steffy to get her own man and not someone who is involved

  33. I am so tired of hope, steffy and liam drama! Its gone on way too long! I stopped watching b&b for a while until a friend told me steffy & liam were getting married..then bam!! Steffy lost the baby! Obviously the writers r gonna put liam and boring ass hope together! Hope is a b just like her mom..dont have any regards of marriage!! As soon as steffy lost her baby, hope calls liam..just scandalist! Now steffy cant have a baby!! Wow! Smh…liam n steffy should b the power couple on b&b! Ever heard of serogate? Yes..some one else can carry their baby!! Very dispointed n b&b! I wont watch it anymore!!

  34. If and when Jaqueline leaves B&B, it is time to stop watching the show. Jaqueline is exoticly pretty, nobody can replace her looks. Hope, on the other hand, will “inherit” Liam for sure, now, and so, no need to watch B&B because it is too predictable. Nobody will rival her place. So be it. Liam and Hope…..boring!

    Brook, on the other hand, is the same story which is also boring – the marriage wrecker, man-stealer! I thought they were going
    to make her a “good” woman, now that she is old.


  36. I hate Steffy!!!!

  37. I totally agree

  38. Kill her off please! It’s about time if you ask me. Hope and Liam are suppose to be together the only reason Liam stayed with Steffy was because she was pregnant now he doesn’t have to stay. It’s time for Liam to go be with the woman he was meant to be with and have a baby with her real love not manipulation

  39. Gonna miss her so much…b&b won’t be the same without jmw I hope she comes back as soon as possible.

  40. So “the stupid” is you? LOL! NEXT! I’m done with this one.

  41. You are the ass, dumb nuts.

  42. I don’t think even JMW can save B&B after the current storyline debacle. We’ll see. Hope to see her elsewhere in prime time or on the big screen.

    Brooke has become a boring character on the show. It’s time to pass the torch, but not using the same old storylines. That’s lazy writing and character development. Tell Bell the Baby Boomer that it’s time for him to apply for Social Security and Medicare and hire some fresh blood on the writing staff. He needs to retire. He’s lost his touch. Just go play golf or start your “second act” or whatever it is you dreadful Baby Boomers do when you have one foot in the grave! LOL! Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  43. Says the asshat who posted a comment. Maybe getting a life should be on YOUR short list you pathetic twit.

  44. Love her, hope she stays, no one can do STEFFY like JMW

  45. LOL at these idiotic fans cray post….get a life

  46. I love Steffy!!

  47. WRITERS dug their own grave. Even though JMW’S exit , is just a HIATUS , for her , there are alot of viewers that are going to be gone. let them ( THE writers ) see how it feels to not have JMW, around to keep propping up the LOGAN’S asses. There was ” N O ” need to ” KILL OFF ” Steffy’s baby. I love STEFFY & the idea that she was going to a MOMMY. This kept me hanging in there. The ” DAMAGE CONTROL ” is to late. It’s ” N O T ” because JMW, is leaving temporarily , than coming back, that they are losing VIEWERS “. IT is because they ” KILLED OFF STEFFY’S BABY ” !!!! The only way that the writers can pull their asses out of the ” BLAZING INFERNO ” , is to have ” STEFFY ” still be pregnant with the twin that is alive, in her. HEY !!! IF they can make ” OLD ASS ” Brooke pregnant , by her ” SISTERS HUSBAND “, they can keep STEFFY pregnant, & have a healthy baby , WITH ” HER OWN HUSBAND “.

  48. Trying to do damage control to keep viewers watching during may sweeps. Nice try ! JMW’s talent is wasted on this show to prop up other characters.

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