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‘Mistresses’ Recap: The Morning After


If episode one was chock full of sex, episode two focused more on the fallout from all that hanky-panky. The downside of that meant this episode was a lot more muted than the pilot.

To summarize the developments for each main character:


Savi once again opens the show, sobbing in her bathroom after she cheated on husband Harry with sexy work colleague Dom. Overcome with remorse and guilt, Savi confides in shrink/girlfriend Karen. She tells Karen that she has to tell Harry what she’s done and beg his forgiveness. Karen, after giving Savi a ‘what the hell are you thinking’ look, advises her guilt-stricken friend to instead take some time to figure out why she cheated in the first place before she spills her guts to handsome Harry and kisses her marriage bye-bye.

After a scene or two with Dom, in which Savi tells him their indiscretion will never happen again (meaning it will absolutely happen again), Savi, instead of telling Harry of her one-night stand, tells him she wants to stop trying to get pregnant.  Harry, relieved to have his wife back, readily agrees to wait on having a baby. Dude is gonna feel so stupid when he finds out the truth.


While Karen’s advice to her friend was spot-on, her handling of her own life leaves something to be desired.  Her dead boyfriend’s son, Sam, is hanging around her almost constantly and she seems to enjoy the attention. It’s a little creepy and isn’t making me like this character any better.

After a cozy coffee date with the teenager, and an intimidating visit from an insurance investigator looking into Thomas’s death, Karen finally tells Sam to hit the road.  But the young boy has a serious crush on the therapist, so you know he hasn’t disappeared for good. Furthermore, Karen also deleted all of her files pertaining to Thomas, so when the wily insurance detective wants to look at those, she’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.


April spends the episode tracing her dead husband’s steps. Determined to discover if Miranda really is the “other woman”, she has  lawyer-friend Savi look into the woman’s background. But she herself finds the smoking gun when she uncovers a used car salesman’s  business card in her husband’s possessions. When she phones the salesman, he confirms that her dead hubby did indeed purchase the exact same vehicle that Miranda is currently driving.  Now convinced Miranda and her son are who they say they are, April confronts Miranda at her run-down motel room. Miranda point-blank tells April that she wants some of what April has: the life insurance money.


Joss again provided some comic relief and sass. In addition, she also moved into Savi and Harry’s pool house, instead of letting one of her lovers buy her a house. Meanwhile, she also  came home half-drunk in a Wonder Woman costume and flirted with one-half of a lesbian couple client. I see a potential meaty storyline here for the younger sister and I hope it’s explored. So far, Joss is the most interesting and complex character and she deserves to do more than simply act as a counterpoint to Savi.

All in all, episode two was a letdown from the pilot. That said, there was some plot progression but the characters still need fleshing out. Maybe episode three will reveal needed layers to the quartet.

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