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‘Suits’ Review: ‘I Want You to Want Me’


How awesome was Suits this week? The answer to that question is ‘incredibly’ or ‘completely’ or ‘they should find new words to describe the level of awesome’ and for the record, that’s pretty much the answer every week. This show has everything going for it: an incredible cast, sharp, witty writing and engaging storylines. In other words, it’s the best.

While the premiere focused on the tension at Pearson Darby, “I Want You to Want Me” centered on trying to mend some broken relationships as well as the potential to form new partnerships. Harvey brought Donna in on his plans to takedown Jessica; Jessica did what she could to remind Harvey they’d made a good team once. Mike tried to do the same even as Louis courted him for his team.

Let’s get into the episode’s most important moments.

Developments in the Ava Hessington case

Harvey and Jessica showed up to play hardball with Cameron. The special prosecutor was using Ava’s right hand man against her. I have to give the show major props for this because it could have felt like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer as Ava talked and Harvey reflected on the parallels of his relationships with Jessica and Mike. But the writing is so solid that it never feels like we’re being force fed a contrived story (take note, too many shows to name).

Aside from giving Harvey something to think about, the cat and mouse game between Harvey and Cameron heated up. Harvey and Jessica came out the victors or so it seemed when Cameron’s bosses made him make a deal. Harvey didn’t like the part where Ava had to plead guilty, but she could live with it. She was more concerned about how she was going to go on without her friend in her corner. It seemed like this was the end, but the scenes for next week let us know this would not be the last of Ms. Hessington.

Donna is the best at everything…and Rachel is the worst

Right off the bat, Donnas was fully onboard with Harvey’s plan to overthrow Jessica. She was also excited at the thought of getting her own office. Donna also had plenty of questions for Rachel about what was going on with her and Mike.


The two ladies vowed not to let Harvey and Mike’s issues come between them and that lasted for about five seconds before Rachel was in Donna’s face, trying to get her to talk to Harvey.

I don’t like Rachel. This is not a secret. But I did feel bad for her for a minute or so when she realized that everyone told Mike to stay away from her. However, Ms. Judge-y needs to remember that there is a lot riding on keeping Mike’s secret a secret and Rachel hasn’t exactly proven that she’s okay being in the gray area of life (for this reason I don’t see how their relationship can ever be a long term thing). Rachel gave Donna a ton of attitude and Donna quickly shut her down and walked away.

Louis wants Mike to be his associate

I love Louis. To me, Louis has always been desperately trying to sit with the cool kids and sometimes he goes about it all wrong. That wasn’t the case in this episode. He went to Harvey and made his intentions known: he wanted Mike on his team. Harvey didn’t care since he claimed to be done with Mike and he never really thought Mike would go for the deal. But Louis was pulling out all the stops, including wining and dining Mike. There was also a mud bath scene that may lead to therapy for everyone.

Of course there was a court case too and it was interesting seeing Mike working closely with Louis. While Harvey’s tactics usually involve schemes and staying out of court, Louis approaches the law differently. He also made a really great point about how Mike is part him and part Harvey. It’s true; Mike has a different dynamic with each of them and it’s fun to watch, but Mike belongs with Harvey, which brings me to…


I said last week that I hoped they didn’t drag out the Harvey and Mike fight for too long and I should have known that these writers wouldn’t fail me. For most of the episode, Harvey seemed determined not to forgive Mike or even think about it. But Ava’s issues kept reminding Harvey of what he was missing. Of course it was Donna’s ‘maybe we should forgive Mike’ after they agreed Jessica was the bad guy that gave Harvey that final push.

Harvey found Mike in Louis’ office and told him that he wasn’t going to let him be Louis’ associate. Mike had already given his word and didn’t want to break it, but Harvey pointed out that he was just going back where he belonged. Then the two shared an ‘up top’ high five and I kept rewinding me DVR because the moment was everything.

(It was also super sad to see Louis watching outside and then throwing away his cake. You guys, I want Louis to win one so much, but not this one. Harvey and Mike forever in a pink, puffy heart).

Mandy Treccia
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