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Top OMFG Moments from ‘True Blood’ – You’re No Good

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Michael McMillian “Steve Newlin”

In Sunday’s episode of True Blood, “You’re No Good,” Eric made a risky move in response to Burrell’s crackdown on vampires, but learned some valuable information from someone in the governor’s inner circle. Meanwhile, Sookie learned why Warlow is after her.

Eric kidnaps the governor’s daughter – Stockholm syndrome in full effect?

After kidnapping Willa Burrell in the previous episode, Eric and Co. takes her to Ginger’s house for safekeeping. While there, Willa and Eric begin to bond, with Willow revealing she does not support what her father is doing and that her mother had an affair with a vampire, a brief explanation as to why Governor Burrell has a vendetta against all fanged creatures. The Governor and his men track down his daughter at Ginger’s house, but not before Tara takes matters into her own hands (as usual) and leaves with Willa before Eric can follow through on his plan kill her. I’m not a soothsayer like Bill is now, but I have a feeling Governor Burrell will not be forgiving after what Eric has done. Mr. Northman may have singlehandedly made things even worse for his own kind.

The Warlow drama continues

Sookie, Jason and their newfound ancestor, fae king Niall, are still on the hunt for Warlow. Niall reveals that Sookie’s bloodline is royalty, making her blood stronger and more powerful than any other’s. It is discovered that Warlow wiped out the entire fae portal and decimated all of the vampires inside, leading Niall to seek out the help of Ben, a fae halfling like Sookie. Ben and Sookie bond over their shared telepathic abilities. It only seems fitting that, now that things are done with Bill, Eric and Alcide, a new man enter Sookie’s life. The end of the episode finds Nora looking for Warlow as Niall follows her to discover what she knows. Maybe I’m suspicious but I can’t help but feel that (possible spoiler alert?) Ben and Warlow are a) working together or b) one in the same.

The werewolf drama continues (to be a snoozefest)

Cops show up at the werewolf compound looking for Emma, who has been taken by Alcide and his pack. Rikki forces a frightened Emma to shift, narrowly avoiding discovery. Later, members of the Vampire Unity Society show up in an attempt to film a werewolf shifting. Alcide discovers what they are doing, as the pack shifts and attacks them all. This gives Sam, who has been watching over Emma as an owl, time to rescue her. As they are making their escape, Sam discovers an injured Nicole and decides to help save her life. It’s a little troubling to me that the dirt is barely cold on Luna’s grave and True Blood is already crafting a new love interest for Sam. And don’t get me started on the werewolf drama, which I have already expressed my disinterest in.

Sarah Newlin returns

Reverend Steve Newlin has been kidnapped by Governor Burrell’s men, who plan to run tests on him and other vampires to discover their weakness. While being held captive, Steve comes face-to-face with former wife and new politician, Sarah. He begs for her to help him, but Sarah will hear none of it. After being absent since the end of season 2, I’m glad to see the re-introduction of Sarah. Not only is she portrayed by the always fabulous Anna Camp, but Sarah has so much unfinished business with Steve, Jason and the rest of the Bon Temps residents. Her fanatical religious ideals along with the governor’s will bring about so much drama.

Jessica gets her schoolgirl on

Bill’s vision of vampires being burned has shaken him to his core. He decides to send Jessica on a mission to retrieve an organic chemistry professor in the hopes that they can harvest Sookie’s fairy blood to protect all vampires, making it able for them to walk free in the sun. Jessica suits up in a sexy schoolgirl outfit and captures him.

Bill’s plan is set in motion

As Jessica is retrieving the professor, Bill visits Sookie and demands she give up her blood to save the vampire race. Of course Sookie will have none of it, throwing plates at her former beau and begging him to leave. “You’re dead to me now,” Bill exclaims as he leaves. While returning to his own home, Bill runs into Andy Bellefleur, who informs his vampire relative he is now a father to fairy children. This sets off a light bulb in Bill’s head as he plans to use them in his plot.

Do you think Ben can be trusted? Are you happy Sarah Newlin is back? What do you think will happen in the vampire vs. human war? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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