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‘True Blood’ Top OMFG Moments from ‘At Last’

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This past Sunday on True Blood, Sookie confronted her attraction to Ben by inviting him to dinner; Eric countered Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiates by hitting him where it hurts the most; Andy’s faerie daughters kept dangerous company with Bill in the episode “At Last.”

Eric Turns Willa

In her continued quest to defy her father, Willa allows Eric to turn her into the very thing her dad hates: a vampire. After being turned, Eric sends Willa back to her father’s compound, where the governor is shocked by what has occurred. Willa begs her father to stop hunting vampires, but her pleas are cut short after she tries to attack Truman – leading Sarah Newlin to shoot her with a wooden bullet and urging him to place his daughter in the camp.

Sam and Nicole Kiss

Lafayette helps Sam rescue Emma and Nicole, leading the werewolves on the hunt. While hiding out at a motel, Sam and Nicole bond over their lost loved ones and continue to grow closer, leading two a kiss between the pair. I wish there was more I could say about this story, but I’ve already expressed my disdain many times. The way the writers are pushing another new love interest on Sam so soon is a cop-out in my opinion, an easy way to give Sam a storyline. I hope the rest of the season brings a reason for me to care about this newfound couple or the werewolf story in general.

Pam Is Captured

Just a few episodes ago it was Tara who needed the saving. This week, Pam is the one needing rescued. While looking for a place to find someone to feed on, Pam and Tara argue over Eric (again) and Tara speeds off, just as Governor Burrell’s men shoot and capture Pam.

Jessica Maybe Killed Andy’s Fairy Daughters

Bill is still busy trying to harvest fairy blood to save the vampire race from destruction. This leads him to enlist Jessica to bring Andy’s fae daughters, who are now in their 20s, to their house so they can use them for their experiments. The biologist they kidnapped in the previous episode tells Bill the blood cannot be harvested once outside of the host, but Bill demands he figure out a way to do so. Meanwhile, Jessica cannot hold back any longer while smelling the fairy girls, leading her to drain every one of them. Bill discovers this just as Andy figures out his daughters are at the Compton mansion.

Warlow Is Revealed

After being injured last episode, Jason is fed vampire blood by Ben – who is apparently half fae and half vampire. Drinking Ben’s blood causes Jason to have erotic dreams of him, leading him to confront Niall about what he is experiencing. Niall realizes that Ben is actually the evil Warlow and the pair visits his motel to finish him once and for all. However, things quickly spin out of control and Ben/Warlow glamours Jason into forgetting what has occurred. Warlow drains Niall of the majority of his blood and places him into a portal to keep him from revealing the truth to Sookie. Soon after, Sookie realizes there is more to Ben than meets the eye. She uses the guise of a date to invite Ben over, putting silver in his food. Just as things get hot and heavy between the two, Sookie begins to activate her fairy light ball – telling Warlow not to move or she will kill him.

Will Sookie stop Warlow once and for all? Do you think Jessica really killed Andy’s fairy girls? Will Niall find a way to escape the portal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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